Youth homelessness advocate completes cross-country walk pushing a shopping cart

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-12
A man in his teens living on the streets of Vancouver will push his shopping cart through the hustle and bustle of the city. and-
Fell again on the east side on Friday, this time marking the end of the intersection
National tour to raise awareness of homeless youth.
Fifty-year-old Joe Roberts started his change campaign in Newfoundland 17 months ago, visiting schools and communities to discuss the issues that led to youth renewal and to raise funds to support prevention programs.
From homeless teenagers to 12-year-old children to succeed in business and technology
Roberts said he decided to leave the business community in early 2000 to hold seminars to help people understand why some young people are on the streets.
\"I represent all the key factors that make youth homeless in this country,\" he said in an interview . \".
\"I have trauma in my early childhood . . . . . . In response to emotional instability in life, I introduced alcohol and medications in advance.
When I was 15 years old, I had a family conflict, which was the primary reason why the children ended up homeless.
Roberts said his father died when he grew up in Midland, Ontario.
Later, he tried drugs, dropped out of school and left home for Vancouver.
He lives on the street in the east side of the city center and he says he calls his mother who finds him and takes him home.
Roberts said that when he struggled with mental health issues, he ended up being linked to the correct treatment by the Ontario Police
Attempted suicide escalation
Joe Roberts started his cross.
Tour of St. Canada
John of Newfoundland had traveled 9,100 kilometers 17 months ago.
Canadian journalist ben nelms will continue to finish his studies and eventually return to Vancouver to set up a technology company.
\"I was able to get the second break I needed,\" he said . \".
\"When I came back for the second time, I already had some foundation and sobriety, and in business, I succeeded in surpassing my wildest dreams.
\"Looking back at that time, Roberts said there were many critical moments when interventions could prevent homelessness.
He decided to support the charity that raised the roof because it linked young people to supporters before they took to the streets.
Roberts says he wants to push a shopping cart across the country as a symbol of long-term homelessness.
Because his route means handling unpaved road shoulder in the winter, he worked with Vancouver high school students to design a trolley that uses a more durable stroller as its foundation.
There were only two or three wheels replaced along the way, and the big car survived the journey.
Roberts said that in February and the ice and snow he encountered near Lake Superior posed the biggest challenge, but the story of the young man he met along the way made him move on.
In addition to sponsorship costs, efforts to change raised $540,000.
Roberts also spoke at hundreds of schools and met with the mayor, the police department, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and government officials.
\"We are moving in the right direction,\" he said . \" He added that he will continue to push the issue after Friday\'s walk. twitter.
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