Wisconsin police officer rescues child in runaway shopping trolley

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-11
S. police saved a baby\'s life in a runaway shopping cart incident, and Sunday\'s shopping adventure turned into this 3-year-
When he was sitting in a shopping cart, he was old and rolled down on a busy highway.
Source: SuppliedIT is a three-year-old\'s life -
The lucky arrival of a policeman means that he is alive to tell the story.
Sunday\'s routine shopping turned into a nightmare for Wisconsin\'s mother last month.
The mother did not notice her shopping cart while dealing with groceries, Christmas shopping and another child --
The little boy sitting in his seat
Out of the parking lot.
It sped down the mountain and headed straight to a busy highway.
Thankfully, the city of spuna police Adam Brenke is in the right place at the right time.
His reflex movements
He was photographed by the dashboard camera of the police car.
Saved the child\'s life.
\"You just got into flight or battle mode and just thought, you have to catch that kid,\" said Constable Brenke . \".
\"I just saw a shopping cart roll out of the general parking lot for $1. . .
Then I realized there was a child. . .
\"He wore a bright yellow jacket and sat in a small seat in the front.
\"My first reaction was that he walked very fast, so I knew there was no way to stop and he said,\" but I had to do something to stop the traffic, because it is heading straight to a busy highway. \".
\"So, I just started my emergency lights and drove the fleet on the highway hoping to stop traffic.
This is my only choice at this point.
\"Because of the traffic jam, the police officer ran behind the trolley and carried the little boy to a safe place.
\"The mother met me on the other side of the mountain, and she ran fast herself,\" said Constable Brenke . \".
She\'s just hysterical.
\"Since then, he has been praised by the Spooner Police Department.
Officer Brenke said he didn\'t even know the name of the baby he saved: When he returned the boy to his mother, he had to run to pick up another emergency call.
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