walmart eyes internet-connected shopping carts to track customers\' heart rates

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-09
Wal-Mart wants to know what customers really feel. The U. S.
The retail giant applied for a patent, released in August, for a smart shopping cart that can track shopper\'s heart rate, body temperature, grip and walking speed.
The system will provide companies with a range of information on how shoppers actually react to different stores.
The patent, called \"systems and methods for biometric feedback cart handles\", will see the cart with sensors, mainly from the cart handles, which transmit data to Wal-Mart\'s servers.
Under the patent, the system will allow the salesperson to \"determine that the user should be checked \".
\"If the biometric indicator shows signs of urgency, the show may also post a broadcast throughout the store to alert employees to the situation, said CBInsights, a technical blog: \"It is also possible to launch an appeal for emergency medical help. \".
According to the BBC, Wal-Mart said it would not collect any personal identity information.
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