tips on effective retail store displays

by:QINGTAI     2020-05-02
Your Fall product is on the shelves.
The return season is over.
Holiday shopping season is coming soon.
You are working on the idea of keeping sales stable before the holidays. What to do?
Keep in mind that consumers have thousands of choices.
No matter what uniqueness or other distinctive qualities your product has, you must differentiate yourself by effectively presenting your product.
This is also called visual marketing.
The goal of visual marketing in retail store displays is to let people know what the product looks or uses in real life.
Your presentation will have a huge impact on sales.
Effective retail store display not only increases the flow of customers, but also increases the average ticket.
The display of many retail stores is messy and confusing or distracting to customers.
Make sure the monitor has a central focus-a focus point -
Focus on \"action.
The focus should be on the main products or items displayed, as well as the accessories and auxiliary products that make up the display.
Focus should be at eye level-
As is the case with many retail tables, don\'t be too low or too high.
If the display is out of sight, it is likely that your customer will ignore it.
Make sure your monitor is balanced with darker items (
Something \"heavier\" to the eye)
Close to the bottom of the display.
This will avoid the excessive feeling of the display
Pulled from the top.
Also make sure that the balance from left to right is emitted from the focus of the monitor.
Imagine a seesaw
You don\'t want one end of the display to be heavier than the other-keep it even.
When creating the balance, the quantity of the product and the size of the product should be considered.
Be sure to use proper lighting to avoid unwanted shadows or dark areas.
Lighting from the top should be avoided, just like lighting from an angle.
To minimize shadows, an effective monitor will have light sources from multiple angles.
Portable spotlights, floor lamps or flexible halogen lamps are recommended.
If the mannequin is used, make sure the face is well lit and there is no ugly shade under the eyes and neck or around the nose and lips.
The only way to achieve this is to use light source lighting from different angles.
Don\'t complicate the situation.
Keep the focus of the presentation and present your product in a clear and intuitive way.
The shelf of the Batten wall should be arranged neatly, and the shelf should be arranged uniformly from the shelf to the shelf.
There is no need to organize each Batten ledge individually as a separate display!
This actually gives the Batten wall a messy or \"busy\" look that can create cognitive dissonance among your customers.
Finally, if there may be multiple perspectives, make sure the display is attractive from all angles.
This is especially important in the window display that the store can also see, or the display set in the middle of the showroom.
Walk around the display and pay attention to the lights, balance and color from every angle.
Adjust as needed to make your retail store display visually appealing from all angles.
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