the case of the missing shopping carts

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-16
Greenport, the whaling village of North Fork, Long Island, has become a charming summer destination with its art galleries and shops showcasing the decaffeinated version of Hampton. (
To all the green porters, your death
Threatening phone and email
The mail will not be answered until after Labor Day. )
But the village also has its problems, including the recent arrest of two men, who the authorities say are members of the notorious El Salvador street gang. 13;
As well as the noisy \"straight pipe\" exhaust system used by motorcycle riders, they gathered at the Claudio restaurant on the pier every weekend.
There is also the situation that the shopping cart is missing: take dozens of cars from the local IGA supermarket every week.
\"Shoppers leave with them and we find that they leave the whole village --
\"Streets, sidewalks, people\'s homes are used as trash cans or used to carry clothes, cans and bottles to cash in,\" said Dino Cortina, assistant manager of IGA . \".
\"Shopping carts everywhere are not good for the tourism industry, nor for us.
We have to send a truck to get our guys together before the weekend.
They came back with 50 carts but we didn\'t find all of them.
Some of them were defeated.
It costs $125 a piece, and we just need to buy 50 more.
Now the police are involved.
Arrested this week.
The same is true of villagers officials who have launched a \"multi-stage public information campaign\" to address the issue, said Lolin Miller, who is the chairman of the village work committee and head of the Green Harbor Improvement Committee.
\"There are carts everywhere in the village, leaving a general impression of the village,\" she said. Miller said.
\"We launched a public information campaign by calling the local newspaper Suffolk Times, and we urge people not to take carts and return them if they take them.
This is the first phase, and if there is no reduction after a month, we will enter the second phase.
She added: \"The Village Improvement Committee, the village trustee, the police station and IGA are all working together to this end.
We were sitting with the police and they were not keen to arrest anyone with a cart because people did take them away for different reasons.
\"Police in South Old Town did not call back today, but MadamMiller and Mr.
Said Cortina, an 18. year-
The little girl pushing an IGA Shopping cart in the village refused to speak to the police who stopped her.
She was arrested after fighting an officer and biting his hand.
\"We don\'t want the police to arrest people around for this, especially those who really need to push their carts and bring their groceries home,\" he said . \"
This week, Cortina, standing in the IGA aisle, is storing paper towels.
Part of the problem is that many shoppers have low levels of consumption.
Income residents walking distance from the store are trying to raise awareness through newspaper advertisements, shopper notices, and English and Spanish notices posted in the store.
\"We tried to set up barricades outside the door, but then people complained about getting their luggage in the car, so we took them down,\" he said . \".
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Part of the store activity should include giveaways for sales, even things common to city residents
Known as the \"Grandma cart\", many communities in New York are used to transport groceries from stores to their homes.
Shopping cart lost at low-
Income area of Long Island;
Even in tony Southampton, the carts of a local supermarket stop at the nearest bus stop every day.
The store should have a general-purpose electronic system for many stores and their carts installed-if the carts pass through some wireless perimeter outside the store, the wheels of the carts lock.
Great opportunity.
A two-pronged progressive solution: converting iga into a grocery store with \"delivery only\" and hiring Salvadorans as deliverers-eliminating the cost of replacing lost carts, cleaning up the village\'s shopping and hiring immigrants to do American work, wouldn\'t it be difficult if a security system was set up to prevent the carts from being stolen?
I think it\'s cheaper than advertising now.
They only need a system that connects the magnet to the wheel, when the trolley is taken from the parking lot outside the specified radius, say, the magnet locks the wheel down, the trolley is as useful as being stuck with 4 times the syrup of normal gravity.
I am an international student at Jinxi college and have been riding a bicycle to school all the time.
Right on the 3 streets I pass by every day, there are more than 15 shopping carts on the street, one afternoon, when I cross the road, the shopping cart is blown up by the wind and begins to roll on the street.
These shopping carts will cause accidents in the future.
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