slingshots, shopping carts, general mayhem

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-19
By CBSNews.
Christine Lagorio of Com
Five men, except black Speedo.
Fashion underwear absorbed in impromptu dance
On a corner in Brooklyn, they found five men in blue surgical uniforms laughing at them.
\"There\'s nothing shameful about you!
A doctor said loudly.
A group of dressed men cursed each other until the doctor returned to the shopping cart.
The dancers are not intimidated, although they may be cold at the age of 30. degree weather.
This is not a time of shame.
These people are themselves.
This is an idiot.
Hot news debate focuses on the death of missing students Missouri abortion clinic shooting the \"mastermind\" arrested during the annual New York City race, Saturday, this parody of Alaska\'s famous Iditarod has allowed hundreds of participants to meander through the streets of both cities.
There is a shopping cart instead of a dog sled.
The human team
It\'s usually well dressed.
Pull, push or ride a cart to a series of checkpoints-
Usually at the bar
At the end of the day, the first of the finish line is definitely not the winner.
In the four years that this idiot has lived in New York, it is no longer a game, it is a crazy food war.
Destruction is the name of the game when team members dress up as devil, Kim or Noid (
Used to be famous for Domino\'s pizza)
It seems natural.
At the start of the race, there were many carts at the Green Point north of Williamsburg, one of Brooklyn\'s most fashionable neighborhoods.
From there it was a crazy sprint to the first checkpoint where some teams worked diligently to pull out their paperwork and wait in line
At the front, there were some people around the corner waiting for the passing line to cream with eggs, raw fish, flour, Italian sausage and a variety of imaginable condiments. The G. I.
This is a team like Joes.
Dave wendley said he opened a restaurant in SoHo, he said in an interview with CBSNews.
We are like the ultimate product of vandalism.
Our motto is \"no prisoners \".
At this point
Five minutes after the game started-
Team mate\'s head-to-
Toe camouflage is more like a problem with a middle school housekeeping class.
That\'s why they chose camper.
\"Last year, our theme didn\'t perform very well in the vandalism,\" said 27-year-old Bentley teammate Rebecca Mattel. year-
Old graduate student
\"So we went with the American army this year.
\"A team called the fishing rod breakfast went a step further when preparing to fire other teams --and being hit. (
CBS/Christine Lagorio)
Their shopping cart is like a fishing boat full of grease
Filled balloons, small raw squid and a slingshot of this size need two people to operate.
Team members wear yellow raincoats that allow them to slide down any dirty food they might be attacked.
Other teams are even more harmless, such as a team of five girls dressed as unicorns, who explain: \"Unicorns are unique magical creatures!
\"The Cosby team is wearing dark clothes.
Gorgeous colorful sweater, a Los Angeles Cosby Show.
Their schtick includes the shout \"Hey, hey, it\'s Fat Albert!
And throw jelly at the passing trolley.
An idiot watching movies on YouTube.
The route winds up to the north end of Brooklyn, crossing a bridge to Queens.
Some teams pursue speed (
Although only the fourth, fifth and sixth teams will receive prizes over the finish line)
Found fierce competition.
\"We were crossing the bridge and we heard a group of people screaming, \'Avoid the noch \'!
A 26-year-old Noid member said: \"behind usyear-
Old Henry Rosenbaum
We turned and saw Kim Jong Un.
They also have a few bottles of fish oil. I got hit. Bad.
Others seem indifferent to all the chaos. A Borat-
Jagshemash\'s inspiration team was found screaming and running around their carts ,(
CBS/Christine Lagorio)
They rested by the parking sign between the checkpoints.
When a journalist felt a sting and noticed that she was hit by a red and sticky substance, the artificial
Borat made an approved gesture and said, \"it looks like a highquality Jello.
\"Planning this massive chaos is a serious thing.
Last year\'s championship, the Cobra team (
Notorious for fire
Big 20-breathing Cobra car
Plus the individual team, all of you, of course. but-
Must secret destruction tactics)
Was commissioned to coordinate this year\'s competition. They ran check-
At manned checkpoints and deal with the presence of a large number of police officers. They text-
Communicate instructions to the team and occasionally overcare
Drunken participants
For the team, it also takes a lot of effort to create a spectacle.
The team avoided friggin Noid\'s team leader, Adam Duerson, who designed and sewn his 11-team-mate outfits when he got off work in the past two months.
\"I have been planning this since the end of last year\'s game,\" said duelson . \".
\"The 90% I put into it is out of resentment against the Cobra team.
\"Maybe his brother --
He flew from Milwaukee to New York for \"Lone Ranger\"
Incited pipeline-
Tie a member of the Cobra team together with a wooden pole
Durson then poured a bucket of cheese puffs over the victim\'s head.
Others also have some happiness due to the destruction of Noid
Or at least because of the chaos.
Dave Reynolds, a member of a team called \"exit beastin\", saw Noids retaliate against Kim Jong UnIl.
\"The best time of my day is to see Noid of a North Korean flag,\" Reynolds said . \".
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