shopping carts + kids = danger?

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-18
More than $24,000S.
Shopping cart for children-
Last year, the American Academy of Pediatrics said better design and stricter government regulation were needed.
Most injuries occur when the child is not tied to the body while standing in the trolley and falls.
However, many shopping carts are designed with a high center of gravity and are prone to tilt even if children are placed correctly in the seating area, Dr.
Gary Smith, chairman of the college committee responsible for developing new policies
According to the policy released on Monday in the August edition of Pediatrics, falling over a hard grocery store floor can cause head and neck injuries and fractures are also common.
Many injuries involve concussion, which is lifelong.
Smith said he is an emergency room doctor at Columbus Children\'s Hospital, Ohio, and director of the Injury Research and Policy Center there.
Hot news debate highlights the missing student death the Missouri abortion clinic shooting incident the \"mastermind\" was arrested because we don\'t have a standard to adequately address the main mechanism of injury and the best we can do is to remind parents, the damage is real and very frequent, he says, use it if you have the possibility to replace the \"standard cart\" option.
Some shops offer plastic Mini strollers, vans and trolleys
A car or truck is connected to the front so that children can ride closer to the ground.
On Monday, in a report on shopping cart advice, medical reporter Dr was shown early.
Emily Senay talks about a new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics that highlights another danger to children: escalators.
From 1990 to 2002, about 2,000 children were injured on escalators each year, most of them under the age of 5. years-old.
The most common injury is the wound after being stuck by the escalator after a fall.
Many injured include baby carriages.
The researchers said parents should often supervise their children on escalators and not take them to escalators.
Note that young people struggle in the space on the top or bottom or side of the escalator.
The researchers also recommend reducing the space between the escalator steps and the side walls, or shielding the space to reduce the risk of being trapped.
To watch Senay\'s report on shopping carts and escalators, click here.
Dawn Tolan, Columbus, Ohioyear-
On April, the old daughter fell from her shopping cart and she said new policies were needed to make parents aware of the dangers.
Tolan said that her daughter Ellie was standing in the trolley and fell down on the floor on her head as she reached out to get the baby.
The hospital check showed no serious injuries, but Tolan said the accident \"definitely changed the way I shop.
\"Now she avoids shops without carts. cars.
According to the Institute, about $23,000S.
Children are treated in the emergency room of the shopping cart-
Related injuries every year
The total last year was about 24,200, of which 20,700 were injured in children under the age of 5.
Injury experts have been aware of the problem for at least 30 years, but did not adopt industry standards until 2004, Smith said.
It is only voluntary and does not require specific design, lack of \"clear and effective performance standards\" that address cart stability and prevent falls and tips\"
That\'s what the college policy says.
Under the policy, state and federal laws should be enacted requiring minimum safety standards for shopping carts.
At the same time, pediatricians should alert patients and parents to these dangers.
The policy states that children should not be left unattended, should not be allowed to stand in the shopping cart, and should not be allowed to sit in the main shopping basket or outside of the shopping cart. Seat-
It suggests that belts and other restraints should always be worn in the shopping cart. The U. S.
The Consumer Product Safety Board issued a similar security alert in May.
CPSC spokesman Patty Davis said the agency is as concerned as pediatricians, but added: \"Our Congressional task is to pursue voluntary standards before taking a mandatory route. \"Dr.
Joseph Russell of Plainfield is ill.
A pediatrician who had treated several child cart injuries said he worked with an engineer to make a prototype in which the child\'s seating area is closer to the bottom of the basket, it is unlikely that the shopping cart will turn upside down.
Russell is trying to get manufacturers interested in design.
\"Even if you use a seat belt, it won\'t solve the center of gravity problem,\" Russell said . \".
\"If the child is tied up and the cart is turned over, where is the benefit?
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