shopping cart safety, our children, and what we can do to prevent falls and injury

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-11
In my pre-
Parents\' Life, the top of the cart is reserved for eggs, bread and my sometimes clumsy wallet.
As a mom, I have a completely different view of the shopping cart.
I totally look at the trip to the supermarket from a new perspective.
It is not so much that the children are shivering in the two frozen food passages, but rather the occasional crying.
This is not a problem with a few rude shoppers who don\'t comment kindly on their children.
It\'s not even about a sad fact, and I sometimes bribe my kids with three white Americans and let them go to the checkout calmly.
Safety is the key.
Each year, more than 24,000 children are injured from their shopping carts and enter the emergency room.
This is an amazing number.
The most sad thing about this statistic is that some of the hospital visits involved head trauma, serious injuries and death.
I recently had the opportunity to speak to Paul Giampavolo.
Paul may not be a household name, but he has had a huge impact on the development of safer shopping carts.
Paul\'s story began in 1972 at a store in Dumont, New Jersey.
When Paul ran to help a toddler who fell off his cart, he was stocking the shelves.
The child was not injured, but Paul never forgot about it.
Ten years later, Giampavolo watched TV shows on shopping cart falls and children.
Paul remembered his experience working at the grocery store and he came up with an idea.
He conceived the seat belt of the shopping cart.
Paul Giampavolo works on a design.
He worked tirelessly to let the store know how necessary these seat belts were.
Today, Giampavolo is the president of belt company Wharton, New Jersey.
His vision led to the design and mass production of all cart seat belts.
The safety strap continues to create the design of various safety products.
Safe rail has built a dock for baby transport ships, baby replacement stations, and pallet pads.
Paul is also chairman of the ASTM International Consumer Goods Commission.
Accidents related to shopping carts continue to occur.
As parents, grandparents and caretakers, it is important that we know how to keep our children safe in the retail industry.
Paul has some good advice on how we can reduce the risk of injury.
For very small babies, don\'t balance your car seat at the top of your cart.
Never put the car seat in the basket of the trolley.
If you are going to take your child and car seat to the store, find a safe
Connect to the dock on the trolley.
They are made of hard plastic and the shape of the dock is similar to the car seat.
They have a hard buckle where you can secure your stroller or car seat on it and lock it safely.
If you\'re not sure which stores might have these safes
Pier or are looking for a store with these security features, please visit shopcarcartsafety.
Enter your zip code.
You will be directed to a store with these features.
If you want the store to be safe
Dock, let the manager know.
Retailers often value your feedback.
You can also send an email from the website shoppingcartsafety.
Let them know you want to see these features in their store.
When you are shopping with a toddler or little child, be sure to choose a shopping cart with a work seat belt.
Make sure both straps are there and the buckle works fine.
If the buckle breaks or breaks, please select another trolley.
Even the most agile children are not allowed to sit or stand in the basket of the trolley.
Don\'t let the children push the other children into the shopping cart.
The child should not climb in and out of the trolley either.
Don\'t let your child lie near or in front of the cart.
Avoid having your child stand on the front, side or back of the trolley.
Arms and legs may be caught.
The children can slide under the wheels.
A overturned shopping cart killed the children.
Don\'t leave your child unattended near or inside the trolley.
If you have more than one child around you, find a trolley with a car that you pretend to be able to take, or a separate child accessory area.
You may feel like a commercial driver\'s license is required to run these carts, but they are safer for your family.
Parents are not perfect.
All parents make mistakes.
Share the most information-to-
However, date safety practices help reduce harm to our children and make our stores safer for our smallest and most vulnerable consumers.
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