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by:QINGTAI     2020-04-24
Com is an online shopping portal that mainly provides multiple services to users in the Asia-Pacific region.
It provides an online solution for those who want to buy from e-commerce sites
Commercial websites trading in foreign currency (
Including USD and GBP)
Exchange all prices into local currency and allow international shipping. Tarazz.
The unique technology of Com solutions allows users to shop through 3 simple steps: 1)Log-in, 2)
Carts full of them, 3)checkout. Merchant-Partners-
Tarazz offers more than 6 million products from 6,000 brands from at least 25 major merchants
Partner website on Tarazz. com.
They include, but are not limited to, the following list: a list of European/American merchants: Amazon.
ComArmani exchange is required. ComeBagsShoebuy. comSkinstore. comNordstrom. comOverstock. comPalmShoes. comTarget.
ComUpside Overwatch.
ComYooxMarks & cerstrawberrynet.
Asian businessman-China
In addition to European/American brands, Tarazz.
Com has an exclusive offer for more than 20 Asian brands that have never been online before, with goods spread across 8 countries including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
Tarazz Asian merchant website can be found in http: Asian merchant list: Alice blue candazena artistic taste, U, R, alimblossommonclairickedhwa yiifossil collectionsbeautyjewelryanamaneetantientaysonlinkasianita JewelryAnaManeeTantienTaysonLinkAsiAnita silsilkamarinwater & wineteits company\'s mission to provide users with a breakthrough online shopping experience, Tarazz.
Com uses its unique technology to provide services that were previously unavailable from its more mature competitors.
They include: full service at 1st online stores
CIF price of local currency.
The patented technology of Com merchant allows its merchant\'s products
Partner website automatically displays all CIF prices in local currency on the product page of partner merchandise
The CIF price is the final price for the purchase of a particular product, including all domestic and international freight charges, taxes and duties, and any other miscellaneous costs.
This provides users with an unprecedented level.
Since shoppers no longer need to consider additional costs and manually calculate the currency, they are customer friendly.
The 1st online shopping portal provides another unique factor for Tarazz.
The technology of Com cart is that it allows users to integrate items purchased from many different websites into one shopping cart.
This is the first one in Singapore.
Do this on the shopping portal. Tarazz.
Com currently supports at least 25 major businesses-
Partner sites across three continents
Including the United States, Britain and Asia.
All purchases are finally merged into a check
For the potential cost savings of convenience and integration of transportation, we introduced the system.
Tarazz rewards program 1st shopping portal rewards program Tarazz rewards program is the first loyalty program implemented in Singapore
Based on the shopping portal.
It offers cash rebates to users that can be used for future purchases: $5 for every $100 spent, $10 for every $200 spent, for every $300 you can earn back $25.
Promote starazz.
Com offers different promotions every week.
Unlike competitors who can only offer shipping discounts, Tarazz.
Full discount from Com
In the process, consumers can save more prices.
Shoppers can now get a $20 discount from their first purchase.
Company Profile.
Com is one of Singapore\'s first startups to receive financial support from regional venture capitalists, and in addition to obtaining the main approval of DBS, one of the largest banks in the Asia Pacific region and a world-class courier service provider sponsoring its e-commerce
Business initiatives.
Plans to expand its services to Indonesia, Hong Kong and South Korea and establish product links
Cooperate with major airlines and well-known Asian businesses.
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