Mixing raw, industrial design with comfy, traditional home decor

by:QINGTAI     2020-05-03
Building a living space that welcomes you home and nourishes your soul is a process of continuous development.
Our thoughts on things that look great and feel right in front of the door at home expand with our experience, where we see, our work, and the special crowd of people we share space.
When industrial design began to shadow residential areas, it felt like the opposite of traditional style and rural style . . . . . . In addition to the type of art that lives in the urban attic? But we evolved.
With the Guidelines for recycling, renewal and reuse as a pillar of modern life, recycling wood, building salvage, steel and galvanized metal is one of the hottest decorative materials of the day.
Furniture and fixtures with original industrial advantages now sit comfortably next to the comfortable plush traditional sofa, on the stylish French sofa --
Style bureau and cheerful country kitchen lit.
If you are not sure what an industrial fashion design is, visit stores and websites that support this style, such as Pottery Barn, West Elm wood, and repair hardware.
The industrial style is over.
Gears, internal work and raw materials are clearly visible and have their own beauty.
The background can be exposed brick walls, beams and pipes, high ceilings, large areas of glass, concrete and natural wood floors.
But none of these elements are necessary;
You can achieve this look with plaster walls or wall panels, finished wood or tile floors.
To create this style, a neutral color palette of gray and white is used on the wall.
Add some warm wood tones as well as accents with high impact colors such as orange, lemon green, citrus yellow or purple.
There will be one or two signatures in style.
In the living area, find a table with recycled wooden tops and iron legs.
For practical purposes, the industrial style is based on practicality, and the legs can float up and down, becoming a multi-
Purpose coffee tables, tables and tables.
Excellent lighting options.
The clear glass and shiny metal pendants of West Elm are shown here, showing the light bulbs and wires.
These can be hung in the kitchen or dining area.
Find a workshop in the office-
Style desk lamp clipped on a table or shelf.
You can even clip it on the headboard.
Storage Solutions stick to the basics as well.
The ceramic barn is hung on the kitchen shelves for dry storage of perforated metal containers.
Large or small metal boxes with personal documents.
If you\'re looking for an industrial advantage but don\'t want to go on all the time, start with some small but eye-catching projects.
Try the cast iron finish and hanging window treatment stick. (
Curtain panels can be designed with bold abstraction or with key colors. )
Cast iron or metal hardware will transform the kitchen cabinets, the vanity of the bedroom, the storage drawer of the entrance.
Then there are some really fun accessories like a big metal wall clock to let you know when it\'s lunch time and when it\'s the end of the working day.
Today\'s industrial design is very fashionable.
It may not be in your comfort zone or it may be what you have been waiting.
It\'s an exciting new road so go and find out what\'s out there.
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