liquid temperature-control equipment.

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Superior Engineering Co. , Ltd. Fluid-
Circulating heat transfer equipment for molding, extrusion, Thermoforming and other plastic processes includes portable coolers and central systems in the factory range.
1-portable chillerto 30-
Tons of capacity in airand water-
Concentrated design.
Central chillers in 10 to 500 tons of air-and water-
Concentration of outdoor and indoor systems. Water-and oil-
Cycle mold
Temperature Controller.
The water unit operates between 30f and 250 F.
The oil unit operates between 100 F and 500 F. Cooling-
From the 20-tower systemto 1000-ton capacity.
Metal and fiberglass tower. Open-and closed-
Standard loop design.
Engineering services including central cooling systems.
It can be a computer device.
For remote control, information collection, and data storage. AEC, INC.
Water temperature-temperature
Control Unit of 0. 75-to 10-
Hp pumps and standard stainless steel
Steel sheath heater selection from 9 to 24kw. Off-the-
Shelf microprocessor easy to controlto-
Dual display of reading LED, setting point and process temperature, optional SPI communication protocol, full
Has a graphical display panel. Low-
Profile cabinet designed for easy stacking and maintenance.
Standard options include vacuum flow negative pressure/positive pressure unit, system water purification, regulating cooling valves and closing-
Circulating heat exchanger. TDW-
The M TrueTemp series has two features of small footprint and can be repaired
Sheet cabinet design with hinge electrical panel and operation interface. Compact 9-and 12-kw direct-
Water injection device including siteproven off-the-
Shelf microprocessor control with graphics panel and easy-to-read display.
Accelerate the cooling process.
The optional electric regulating valve provides high accuracy at different loads, helping to reduce water strikes.
TDH TrueTemp hot sale
Exclusive supply of petroleum units
Temperature heating and cooling application of 100-550 F. Self-
Included units provide optional U-
Type of heat exchanger to withstand thermal shock. Portable air-and water-
Cold fan from 0. 5 to 40 tons. Ultra-
Compact PS air series-and water-
The cooling chiller of 2 tons has been closedthe-
Shelf fuzzy logic microprocessor control, rolling compressor and brazing-
Plate Evaporator
The R series adopts a semi-sealed rolling compressor of 30 to 100 tons
Seal screw compressor from 54 to 195 tons.
All rolling compressors and screw compressors up to 75 tons are equipped with stainless steelsteel brazed-
90 to 195 tons plate evaporator and screw compressor with Shell and Tube evaporator.
Using R-rolling compressor
22 refrigerant and screw compressor utilization R-134 refrigerant.
The turbine compressor chiller can be configured with an overall pump box or operated independently.
Air supplied by BFC series air coolers-
Ring cooling at constant temperature, pressure and volume.
Up to 5000 cfm is available. Cooling-
The hydraulic tower system of condenser and molding machine adopts polymer tower forcing-
Induction of ventilation and fiberglass
Draft models from 50 tons to 200 tons.
Affinity industryCompact, high-
Capacity cooler with standard remote control.
Unit implementation from 3000 to 156,000 Btu/hr [+ or -]1[degrees]
F. stability and allow unrestricted access to all components.
Non-colored coolant loopflow and low-
Liquid Level Alarm, hot-
Gas bypass with long, high/low compressor life
Temperature alarm, high
Capacity heat exchanger for high heat
Transmission efficiency. Digital-readout (C/F)
The microprocessor has the functions of programmable and automatic tuning.
Alpha marathon Technology Co. , Ltd.
Portable, self-contained air-
Cooling Device for film blowing production.
With a capacity from 500 to 1500 cfm, it is easy to add units to any existing air ring to improve bubble cooling. Large-
The surface cooling coil cools the air.
The propeller drives bearings with permanent lubrication.
Customized design is available.
AMCOT cooling tower Co. , Ltd.
Reverse flow and side flow induced draft fan-
Cooling tower constructed of fiberglass and galvanized or stainless steel
Steel parts options and standard stainless steelSteel fasteners.
The counter flow unit is a bottle-
Regardless of the position, the airflow can be maximized.
The design also minimizes the fan hp, allowing for smaller-
Motor size, less power consumption.
The units range from 5 tons to 1500 tons with modular features that save space and simplify expansion of cooling towers.
Options, upgrades, and accessories are available.
American thermal company. Roll-
High usage of heating and cooling control system
Temperature of water and heat
Transfer oil at temperatures from 200 to 700 degrees F.
Heat sources include steam, electric heaters, and fuel-fired heaters.
Application process equipmentWater-Cold, water-cooling, water-
Recycling and water-
The filtration system includes portable, Central and hot-
Water pump chiller-or air-Cool version.
Central Cooling on and off-tower systems.
Closed system available for boardand-
Frame stainless steel heat exchanger.
All systems are equipped with complete engineering drawings and full year warranty for parts and labor.
ARCTICHILL chiller and modular freezing-
Water system range from 1-to 60-
Ton capacity indoor and outdoor, air-and water-cooled models.
Options include on, off, vertical, and horizontal systems.
Cooling tower from 5-sizeto 1000-
The ton capacity is built from FRP material of PVC filler and pipe.
Dedicated to the development of complete systems.
Baltimore AirlinesEvaporative-
Cooling equipment includes cooling tower with cross flow and counter flow configuration, factory-
Modular unit assembled into 2110 tons/32 million Btu/hour.
Closed steamer condenser
Heat exchanger, heat exchanger, circuit cooling tower
Storage units and microbial control are also provided. Factory-
Assembly equipment available in heat
Galvanized steel with polymer protective coating, fiberglass or stainless steel.
Shell heat exchanger-and-
Tube configuration.
Microbial control the use of iodine to control the growth of bacteria, mucus and algae. ISO-9000 certified. LOUIS P. BATSON INC.
Full range of molds-
Temperature Controller, portable chiller, pump-
Tank Station and cooling tower system.
Easy to use and maintain for all equipment.
Function of \"plug\" systemn-
\"Only power and water connectivity is required.
Berg cooling systems
Cooling equipment includes half
Seal open drive or screw compressor; air-
Cooling Device with heat recovery; water-
Cooling device with \"free cooling; clean-
Water tower system;
Pre-packaging mezzanine system;
Portable chillerblown-film coolers; temperature-control units; chemical-
Treatment Package; mold-
Area dehumidifier; and water-
Filter system.
Non-corrosive fiberglass tower with low
Hp motor and construction-steel bases. Custom-
Portable equipment, central equipment, pumping system, temperature controller and tower for construction works.
Buza Industrial Co. , Ltd. Hot-water and hot-oil systems; negative-pressure hot-oil and hot-water systems; air-and water-
Portable refrigeration
Central chiller; cooling towers; and pump-tank sets. Hot-
Water Unit in steam or electric heating directly or off-
Circulating Cooling, portable or stationary, single-zone and multi-zone configuration from 50-300 F. Hot-
Portable or stationary oil unit with single-zone and multi-zone configurations ranging from 350, 450, 550 or 650 F. Negative-pressure hot-oil or hot-
The water unit contains an on-
Flat vacuum pump for producing controlled and reliable negative pressure.
The design allows to adjust the negative pressure as needed.
The mold can be removed from all hot oil or hot water before replacement. Negative-
The pressure unit can be filled from a fluid source using a vacuum pump. Air-and water-
Portable and self-cooled chillers
Refrigerator and water pipe with 3 to 80 tons.
Double central chiller
Refrigeration circuits for component protection, components that are easy to repair and complete unit frames.
The two air ranges from 5 tons to 400 tons. and water-cooled systems.
Standard galvanized and FRP structural cooling towers of 10 to 400 tons. Pump-
Water tank assemblies that adjust the size according to the flow requirements of each cooler or cooling tower.
Features include a tank cover, pre-wired electrical housing and alarms, as well as optional spare pumps and custom configurations.
Burger & Brown Engineering Co. , Ltd. Mold-
The temperature regulator controls the mold temperature by throttling or allowing the flow of water over the mold without using electricity, thus controlling the mold water temperature between 80 F and 120 F.
Connection size 1/2-in. NPT(F)outlet and l/4-in. NPT(F)inlet.
A differential pressure of 10 psi is required.
Aluminum, stainless steel or fiberglass-
Reinforced nylon cooling-
The water manifold controls the temperature from the waterway to the mold. Sizes from 0. 75 to 2.
From 1/8-provide any number of portsthrough l-in. NPT(F)
And overall mounting holes.
The aluminum manifold is colored.
Coding for line function identification.
The red manifold indicates the return pipe and the blue manifold that supplies water.
The mechanical flowmeter with pressure and thermometer provides diagnostic information in size from 1/4-to 2-in. NPT(F)and 1.
Gal/min 5 to 100. Dual-
The scale temperature/pressure gauge exceeds the maximum operating specifications of the flowmeter 240 F and 100 psi.
CHROMALOX inventory and pre-
Engineering low temperature CMX mold-
The temperature control unit ensures accurate and compact control of the water temperature from 50 to 250 F.
The system is designed for injection molding and extrusion applications and consists of three main components: * Custom-
The casting heating/cooling chamber assembly has two chambers with integrated water temperature control function. Corrosion-
The Incoloy sheath element provides heat input for 24kw. Open-and closed-
Cycle cooling options. * High-
Performance, vertical mounting centrifugal pump with flow from 30 to 80 gpm.
The pump shell flange is almost seamlessly coupled with the heating/cooling chamber. * Touch-
2104 digital microprocessor for panel operation console-
Based on the temperature controller, with independent hot/cold mode PID algorithm and double setting point and process Display, process pressure gaugeand-
From the process pressure, plus the pump switch and diagnostic indicators.
Modular hydraulic (
Heat pump/Chamber)and fastener-
The free cabinet provides convenient service and reduces downtime.
CITO products
Pulse mold monitor
Cooling temperature-
The control system consists of a singleor multiple-
Area Controller, thermal sensor and solenoid valve.
The unit divides the mold into zones according to the geometry of the mold and the distribution of the heat load.
It placed a high
A thermal resistor sensor with a resolution of less than 0. 100 to 0. 500 in.
When the plastic enters the mold, the temperature on the surface of the part increases.
The microprocessor of the unit uses this information to start and stop the burst of cold water immediately after the mold is filled.
The pulse of water is triggered by Hot Melt Adhesive, which raises the cavity temperature near the thermal resistor beyond the threshold of the molded plastic type.
The timing of the pulse is based on the amount of BTUs removed from the part.
The cooling pulse will never be suppressed.
If more or less cooling is required, the MoldMonitor adjusts the length of the cooling pulse.
News Center-
Side temperature control, economical hot bed water-
The temperature controller has two-
Eliminate up to 40 leaking workpiece castings-prone fittings.
Individual units availableor dual-
Area configuration for direct injection, closed-or isolated-
The circuit process of heating and cooling. Pumps to 7.
5 horsepower, heater to 48kw, process temperature to 250 degrees F.
Microprocessor control includes a new generation of low
Cost TW control combined with temperature function-
Indicates the control (TIC)
Many functions with programmable logic controllers (PLC).
All units covered by threeyear warranty. A special high-pressure, low-
Flow version of Heat Meter TCU that can be used for optical storage media molds (CDs and DVDs)Corrosion-
Packaging-resistant options are available to minimize or eliminate rust in process water.
Crude oil temperature-
For a pump with a mold temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the control unit runs from 1 to 3 hp
Vacuum positive and negative pressure device with 2 to 7 pumps. 5 hp. PCA air-
Water cooling and PCW-
Cooling chillers are portable packaging units manufactured for stable machine temperature control
Side application. Air-
Cooling model with dimensions from 0.
25 to 30 tons of water
Cool the model from 1. 5 to 30 tons.
Standard features include fin-and-
Tube Condenser in aircooled units; brazed-
Use plate condenser on larger water surface
Cooled chillers and tubesin-
A smaller pipe. cooled units; brazed-
Plate Evaporator;
Rolling compressors of larger numbers and reciprocating compressors of smaller models.
Control range from economy microprocessor
Unit control based on simple LED display set point or actual temperature to automatically fine-tune flexible PLC control
PID control parameter setting.
The process flow and pressure requirements match the appropriate pump size and provide an electrical system for all standard voltages.
Options range including air-
Cold configuration for high
Ambient temperature-conditions.
Central Water system includes outdoor air
20-cooling chillerto 527-
Capacity and single ton, dual-, and multiple-
Compressor design, as well as indoor, water-
From 23 tons to 481 tons. Pump-
Optional high tank assembly
Terminal PLC/touch screen controls include 180-to 1100-
PE cans or epoxy-
Carbon steel or stainless steel lined
Steel reservoirs of 1525 to 5010 gallons and above.
Pump from 2 to more than 100 hp.
The capacity of the rotating molded polyethylene cooling tower ranges from 10 tons to 500 tons or more.
Tower isolation board-and-
Frame heat exchanger, online filter/filter and sand filter system around company centerSystem provided.
European Cold Fan Co. , Ltd. and water
Including industrial open refrigeration systems
Use a compressor to drive the chiller to eliminate burning of the motor, costly cleaning or extended downtime; energy-
Efficiency ratio of 16 or more; built-
Capacity control in response to suction pressure;
Uninstalling start. Extra-
Quiet models and explosionsproof options. Portable air-
The Chiller has high-
Sealing or semi-sealing efficiency
Fully enclosed compressor, fully insulated cooler, air-
Cooling condenser, insulated reservoir, solid-
State temperature controller with built-in readingin freeze-
Statistics, function lights, pressure gauges and operation and safety control.
Custom options include
12, or explosion
Automatic alarm system, automatic alarm system
Gas bypass, capacity control or energy-saver, two-
Speed regulator, Double Pump, heat recovery, low ethylene glycol
Temperature unit, frozen-
Water flow switch.
Cooling Technology CompanyAir-and water-
Temperature-cooling chiller
Cooling-control unit
Tower system and central turnkey system. Mini-
The portable chiller is 1 ton to 12 tons, and the rolling compressor technology is used.
Compact portable devices range from 10 tons to 50 tons.
Both companies have colored chilled water circuits.
You can also provide more than 20 to 300 tons of multi-link units, screws-
Compressor chillers and cooling over 50 to 300 tons-
Tower system from 10 tons to 400 tons.
Temperature Controller with 0.
5 to 3 hp pumps have all non-ferrous liquid paths and lifetime corrosion warranty.
Professional cooling equipment includes the cooling system of the extrusion tank.
Customization is also available
Engineering equipment and installation services.
CRG logic
Central cooling system for extrusion plant.
Delta Cooling Tower Limited
Including Pioneer forced polyethylene non-corrosive assembly packaging cooling tower
10 to 100 tons of draft line, Paragon induced draft line from 100 to 250 tons, and TM series induced draft line from 250 to 2000
Fan module design and factory completed.
Pioneer air strip from 1 to 5 packing columnsft-diam.
5-above column and custom designft-diam.
Pre-integrated package
Pre-assembly, prypiped and pre-
Connection including process control.
Delta T systemsWater-
Cycle temperature-
The control system adopts a horizontal pump that can extend the sealing life and a copper sleeve heater element that maximizes heat transfer.
Unit to order-or multiple-
The regional configuration runs to 300 F and meets the film standards-
1 Specification.
Customized design is available.
HB upright series comes standard 9-
Kw heating element;
Fully programmable microprocessor
Digital controller based on PID
Pumping capacity from 3/4 to 5 hp.
Larger available capacity.
Series A and Series B 4. 5-and 9-
KW heater and 1/3-and 1/2-
The Hp motor is suitable for smaller molding machines. Oil-
The looping system runs to 400 F or 550 F.
Low unit offerwatt-
Density, heater element of steel sheath; long-
Long-lasting, positive-displacement, mechanical-sealed pumps;
Fully programmable microprocessor
Digital controller based on PID.
Heater size of 6 kw and above, pumping capacity of l0 gpm and above, and singleand dual-
Regional configuration. Built to NEMA-1 or NEMA-12 electrics. Water-and air-
Cooling portable chillers under 15 tons provide microprocessor-
Stainless Steel Valley wheel compressor based on PID control
Heat-modulated steel evaporator
Gas bypass, large reservoir and stainless steel
Full insulation process and refrigeration circuit.
Edwards EngineeringCF-
1/2 series liquid chillersto 60-ton water-cooled and air-
Cooling Device with colored coolant loop, reservoir and circulating pump with electronic operating temperature control [1]+ or -]1[degrees]
F precision and digital display.
All equipment is pre-packaged and installed in a cabinet with casters.
Additional liquid coolers are provided through 240 tons. Air-or water-
Large stainless steel cooling unit
Steel reservoir, and walking-
In the waterproof case, from 0-
Double 100%-
Arrangement and damage of the pump-
Evaporator-resistant design.
Cooler with automatic air elimination, automatic head-
Outdoor air pressure control-
Cooling model, single central control panel, multiple indicator meters and closed water system.
Installed indoors or outdoors, fully pre-prepared and pre-wired and factory tested. EUROTHERM INC.
Full line controller for mold and auxiliary equipment cooling.
New 3216 singleloop liquid-
Temperature Controller 90mm deep, with text display, easy to configure, high input accuracy, five open
Board process formulation with 48 parameters/formulation and company-patented instant precision system.
Order, configure, and maintain code that is simplified to fully specify features and configurations.
The 3216 features include universal input, universal power supply, the ability to download a custom input curve, digital communication, the ip65level, and the availability of current transformer inputs for monitoring load current.
The new version of the company\'s iTools small graphics configuration software allows the controller to be configured without connecting the controller to the power supply.
Full installation of cooling tower or chilled water in EVAPCO Canada-Cooling system.
Dedicated to cooling tower replacement and reconstruction, pumping station and chilled water-storage tanks.
All components and services of cooling towers and pumps.
Services include preventive maintenance programs.
Blow air cooler (BAC)
It is an air cooler that is used with specially designed blow pins or needles to increase the productivity of extrusion blow molding by up to 50%.
This process has washed the blow molding products and air inside-
31F takes away heat from the inside, while the external mold does the same, resulting in parts with less deformation and internal stress.
Blow molding booster (BMB)
Is a smaller version that provides 32 F of cold air, reaching about 15-
20% increase the productivity of blow molding process and design for smaller parts such as bottles.
Air Cooler (ACC)
Supply air at a constant temperature of about 37 F in order to cool the blowing film and film extrusion when leaving the mold, and guarantee an increase of 25% or more.
Regardless of the ambient temperature, the temperature and flow rate are controlled to keep the process constant.
Most important machine manufacturer companyAir-and water-
Portable chiller for indoor and outdoor air cooling-and water-
Cooling central chillers, cooling towers and chemical treatment packs, pumps-
Tank groups with spare pumps, discharge heads, filtration systems, and central control and alarm panel options.
Freeze co Systems Ltd.
Supply Central and portable chillers from 1-to 400-
Capacity of tons, including compact, low
Cost model of 40 to 80 tons. Water and oil-
Temperature Controller with different heating capacity and cycle capacity.
GCI Refrigeration Technology Co. , Ltd.
Durable, compact, self-contained
Portable cooler with airand water-cooled in 0.
25 to 100 tons, providing coolant in the following range50 F to 70 F.
There is a power supply for the sealing device-saving hot-
Non-corrosive stainless steel gas bypass system
Stainless steel and copper heat exchanger
Steel pump and tank. Air-
The condensate unit has a full-size condenser to maintain the capacity in a high temperature environment. Water-
Condensation Model has water-
Saving automatic regulating valve.
For high-
Hazardous environments in the environment, thermal fluids, confined spaces, and unusual applications.
Central chiller
Inclusion or splitting of internal or external installations, air-and water-
From 5 tons to 120 tons.
Cooling tower and fluid cooler in size from 6 tons to 500 tons.
And custom design.
Tank and pump unit for tower system.
Hamilton AVTECDirect-or indirect-cooling liquid-
Temperature Controller with pump size from 1/2 to 3 hp and 3-
12 kw heating, solid-
State or microprocessor control.
Portable air Series 2000or water-
Cooling chillers from 2 tons to 35 tons include:
Rated parts, solid-
Half-State temperature controller
Sealing compressor and hot compressorgas bypass. Also process-
Water system including central chiller, water pump tank and cooling tower. Heat-
Recover the heat in the process from the system and use it in winter to replenish the plant heat. IMS CO.
Circulation machine for mold
Simple temperature control-to-
Read the meter and make simple service access to all components. Closed-circuit hot-
Stainless steel for water circulationsteel tanks.
The positive/negative pressure circulator can also prevent line leakage. Air-cooled True-
The mold controller is completely selfcontained. Oil-
The maximum temperature of the heating circulator is 400 F to 550 F. Open-
The P75 loop provides fast and accurate temperature control. TrueTon air-
Cold chiller of 0.
5 to 30 tons need the least maintenance, and it is its owncontained.
Other sizes and water
Custom cooling unitmade.
Pulse injection molding industry
Cooling temperature-
Control system representing limited company
Consists of a controller with up to eight control areas, thermal sensors, induction-
Heating coils and solenoid valves.
The cooling pulse is triggered from the molding press at the end of the injection phase of the cycle.
Controller analysis mold-
Temperature distribution for the past few cycles and calculate the amount of appropriate cooling pulses required for the next cycle.
Open all water valves at the beginning of cooling.
When the appropriate calorific value of each area is extracted, the valve that controls the area is closed to provide additional water flow to the area that still needs to be cooled.
Induction coils installed in molds around the core/cavity area allow heating and cooling during the same molding cycle.
The coil opens after cooling to maintain the best cavity temperature and can be used for mold preheating at the beginningup. KLEEN-RITE, INC.
Circulating chiller board-
Type R heat exchanger22 refrigerant.
1-units providedto 10-
Capacity for packaging or remote systems. Microprocessor-
Control, the system has been established-
In the bypass valve, high
Pressure pump, non-corrosive storage tank, freezing protection and low
Environmental Control.
Koolant koolers, INC. A DOVER CO.
Standard, custom and OEM Industrial chillers for indoor and outdoor applications, including modular central cooling systems with wateror air-
Cooling the condenser.
Capacity from 1700 to 8.
4 million Btu/hr when 65 F leaves the fluid temperature and 95 F ambient air. Closed-
Loop models for cooling molds, heat exchangers, jacket tanks, hydraulic fluids, Transformers and scr.
Features include sealing, half
Air-tight, rolling or spiral compressors;
A closed pressurized reservoir or an atmospheric reservoir;
Automatic water making-up;
And immersion coils, brazing-plate, plate-and-Frame and shell-and-
Tube heat exchanger. KRAUSS-MAFFEI CORP.
See single Temperiertechnik Co. , Ltd.
Pressure leak plug and negative/positive-pressure mold-
Temperature Controller up to 400 FVac-U-
Temp is a general.
Purpose temperature controller with negative-and positive-
Pressure mode that can be used at the same time.
In addition to controlling the temperature, it can also prevent leakage, improve the quality of the parts and shorten the cycle time.
Use water and other heatConveying fluid.
The company has the patented process of discharging the formed gas into the pipe line and cooling the long and thin core by transferring water between the half part of the mold of any size core.
Free Consultation on mold exhaust and cooling is provided. L-
Supply Central and portable chillers (both air-and water-cooled)as well as oil-and hot-
Water temperature controller, negative-
Cooling tower, pump, pressure unit
Water Tank Station, heat exchanger, water filter and water-
Processing system.
New series of cooling products (
Built by another United StatesS. supplier)
Portable air included
Cold chiller of 0.
25 to 30 tons of water
Cooling Unit of 2 to 40 tons.
The unit has a centrifugal pump (o. 24 to 10 hp)
Rolling or reciprocating compressors welded
Stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, plate evaporator
Steel Cabinet and microprocessor control using SPI communication protocol.
There are also pump tanks of 250 to 5000 gal with 2 to 60 HP pumps and cooling towers of 45 to 450 tons with non-ferrous metal construction, single or multiple batteries.
Hot Company
Water Unit of 0. 75 to 7.
For temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, 5 horsepower and 6 to 48 kw.
The unit has a regulating cooling valve, stainless steel
Continuous display of steel cabinet, setting point and process temperature and SPI communication protocol. Hot-
The oil system from 12 to 48 kw is heated up to 500 F and the centrifugal pump is 1 to 7. 5 hp, stainless steel
Steel Cabinet, low-watt-Density heater.
Marley cooling technology provides a complete suite of cooling towers and air-
Cooling the condenser.
New products include the modulus tower, which can be erected quickly and easily from the factory
Assembly module;
New University of NC Tower
It is said that there are no basins for leakage and corrosion.
Matsui United States limited
The new GMC Series temperature controller provides accurate temperature control through PID microprocessor control.
Made of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, it is durable.
The GMC uses a floating-free switching system to self-seal from pressure and temperature fluctuations in the water supply system.
The heater elements are sheath and plated to resist dirt and other harmful deposits.
The compact GMC unit has a small footprint and high energy efficiency.
Available 0. 4-, 0. 8-and 1. 3-hp pumps and 3-to 8-
Kw heater in water or oil.
Standard equipment includes alarm diagnosis, casters, manifold, stainless steel ball valve, outlet pressure gauge with pressure bypass valve and solidstate relays.
Circulating water and heat of MOKON-
Deliver fluid temperature control systems, portable and central chillers, pump tanks, cooling towers, maintenance products and customized solutions as per process requirements.
Circulating water temperature-
Control System with temperature range up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
Small Mokon Minitherm compact circulating water system
Tonnage machines and laboratory applications for 2 or 4 kw.
Compact and portable circulating water system with stainless steel
9 kw heating capacity and steel pumps and colored pipes for 25 gpm.
Mokon Duratherm circulating water system with non-corrosive structure, stainless steel pipe and heater
Steel pump and horizontal brass heating chamber.
It can be heated from 9 to 96 kw and pumped from 25 to 120 gpm.
System available in singleand dual-
Regional configuration and HTP design (
The temperature rises to 300 F and the pressure reaches 60 psi).
Duratherm NPS provides accurate temperature control in positive or negative pressure mode.
Circulating heat-
Transfer fluid temperature-
A control system with a temperature range of 600 F contains a cooled storage tank that eliminates thermal shock associated with the internal temperature
Shell and tube heat exchanger.
There are three control areas in the same cabinet, and the pumping capacity reaches 60 gpm and 100 psi. Air-and water-
Portable chiller with cooling capacity from 0. 25 to 20 tons. Corrosion-
Free building with non-ferrous metal pipes, stainless steel
Steel supply pump and evaporator, and heavy-duty-
Insulated plastic tank.
The heating/cooling combination provides temperature control from 35 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit with a cooling capacity of up to 20 tons.
Central air conditioning system available-or water-
Single cooling designor multiple-
Circuit configuration, capacity from 30 tons to 80 tons.
The pump tank is made of coated carbon steel or stainless steel of various sizes and comes with a pumping configuration to meet the processing needs.
Maintenance products include Leakmaster negative-
Eliminate pressure systems for handling problems related to leakage; D-
Scaler system for removing rust, scale and/or lime deposits;
And ClearFlo heat
Transfer Fluid and water-
The filtration system improves the efficiency of the heat transfer system and reduces the downtime and maintenance workload.
Professional custom temperature-
Control System and chiller. MOTIVAIR CORP.
Portable, compact, self-containedcontained, air-or water-
The \"circulating\" chiller for cooling and packaging ranges from 0. 5 to 50 tons (0. 5-to 20-
Tons of stock units).
Large insulation included
Capacity tank, circulating pump, microprocessor control, remote start/stop, pump pressure gauge and full set of refrigeration meter.
The cycle concept is suitable for constant or variable cooling loads.
The operating cost is proportional to the percentage of capacity of the chiller used.
Nissin USA Ltd.
NHW series-
The water temperature controller has four models that pump at a speed of 16 to 39.
6 gal/min and pressure from 58 psi to 94 psi according to model.
The unit operates at a temperature of up to 248 F with PID control
Direct-state relay
Cooling loop design, simplified control panel.
Omega Engineering Limited
Omega Technology Limited
Provide continuous
Temperature circulating bathtubs, as well as a full range of sensors, instruments and hardware accessories for monitoring and controlling waterand oil-
Loop system. OPTI TEMP INC.
Opti temperature combination mold-
Temperature Controller/chiller for full-
Electric injection molding machine.
Patented refrigeration circuit allows from 40-
190 F, from zero to full load.
The unit is both a chiller and a mold-
The temperature controller in a single small cabinet, can be used as a cooler when running a cold mold on the machine, or as a mold
Temperature Controller for hot mold running.
The unit does not require an external cooling water source.
Plastic Processing Equipment Co. , Ltd.
Improved mold fluid
Temperature Controller heated to 250 F by touch
Panel keyboard and digital reading for easy setting and more accurate [temperature control]+ or -]1[degrees]F.
Designed for continuous use.
Institute of Technology
Preston industries
Liquid Cooler and constant-
Temperature equipment.
A chiller with a variety of cooling capacity, there are a variety of pumps to choose from. Temperature-
Process applications and small control devices
Laboratory of scale and quality
Control requirements.
From basic analog control to controller options for programmable controllers, these controllers are able to perform complex time/temperature analysis through the RS232 interface.
Protection cooling tower companyLow-
Corrosion of maintenance cooling tower-
Resistant parts.
Basin, Shell and inlet blinds are long-
Long-lasting fiberglass
Reinforced plastic.
Gelcoat protects fiberglass from UV rays.
In most cases, round bottles-
The type cooling tower has much lower horsepower than the rectangular cooling tower.
Assemble or disassemble the equipment from 3 tons to 1000 tons.
QPC Systems Ltd. Produces hot-water and oil-
Cycle mold
Temperature Controller, negative-
Pressure system.
QPC is OEM in USA. S.
Heating element company
Elements used with waterand oil-
There are circulating temperature control devices in stock.
The company establishes fluid-
Heating system and heater tank.
REGLOPLAS CORP. Water-and oil-
Temperature control unit (
Water to 320 F, oil to 660 F).
Support units in the United States. S. through wholly-
Swiss subsidiary
Various models and options allow tight band control applications and interfaces to be configured for almost all presses.
North American company of remarkHot-
Depending on the model, the operating temperature of the water and oil temperature controller and Chiller is up to 428 F.
The device usually has a digital display of the set value and the actual value, as well as the monitoring of heat by the safety thermostat.
In the case of 44 psi to 37, the throughput range ranges from about 10 gal/min.
5 gal/min at 102 psi.
Riddle Corporation of America
German-based liquid cooler manufacturers are high
Technology Applications in laser systems, medical applications and machine tool industries.
The product is based on the standard process cooler series. RITE-TEMP MFG. INC.
Four designed refrigerated chillers of 2 to 24 tons. Air-and water-
Cooling unit standard is 40-gal, stainless-
Steel, enclosed evaporator tank.
Portable equipment, indicating instruments, indoor or outdoor installation and user-
Friendly control.
Special controls, meters, or electrical options are available. R. J.
Industrial Company.
Replace water and hot water
Most brands of chillers and molds are suitable for oil pumps
Temperature controllers, cooling towers and a variety of water-Cooling system.
Matching pumps from brands such as Scot, Burks, Aurora, Sherwood, Paco, B & G, Price and Worthington. A cross-
In order to quickly identify replacement sealing kits and other components, reference materials for OEM pumps have been compiled.
Outdated models also cross
Refer to the alternatives currently available.
Shi Lai Bell Co. , Ltd. Air-and water-
Cold fan from 0.
Water systems of 5 to 20 tons are designed for unrestricted circulation and appropriate turbulence in heat exchangers.
No need for antifreeze. Extra-
Large, stainless steel
Steel Reservoir;
Taikang compressor;
Long-life polyester powder coating;
Traditional accessories, parts and motors that are easy to replace.
All units have tilt control panels that cycle on/off as needed without using heat-
Gas bypass, contaminated-free stainless-
Water pump in steel or bronze.
Air supply by single TEMPERIERTECHNIK Ltd. and water-
Portable and central cooling chiller with cooling capacity from 1 to 58 kw with pump capacity of 27 to 400 L/min. Water-
Turn off cooling mode
The loop to prevent circulating water pollution.
Water heating/cooling system with closure-is also provided
Circulating water cooling, air-or water-
Temperature range of 50 to 194 F, pump capacity of 60 to 400 L/min.
Pressurized heat-
It is said that the water unit provides temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, superior to the use of hot oil in terms of cost and safety.
The company also provides heat
Oil units with heating capacity of 3 to 662 kw and pump capacity of 45 to 144 liters up to 1080 F. min.
Some models have magnetic suction pumps. STERLING, INC. Water-and oil-
Cycle temperature-
Standard and high-end control system
Temperature Application of 650 degrees Fahrenheit
Portable and central refrigeration systems from 0. 5 to 200 tons.
The Chiller has a compressor and control technology that matches the application.
Cooling towers, reservoirs and pumping systems, water filtration and handling equipment are available.
The compact temperature control unit production line for 9 and 12 kw heaters and pumps is from 0. 75 to 5 hp.
Many models feature a simplified internal casting or colored fluid circuit with 40% reduction in connection and 80% reduction in mechanical parts compared to conventional designs.
The simplified design provides a balanced flow rate with a lower pressure drop.
Most of the company\'s temperature control units use M2B fuzzy logic control to provide adaptive adjustment to the process.
The unit is also equipped with No. 16 electrical equipment that meets the new NEC electrical standards. Water-
The temperature control unit provides the water supply temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heater with size 48 kw; pumps from 0. 75 to 7. 5 hp. Single-, dual-and three-
The regional unit can provide a public power supply and a water supply connection.
Colored construction and various control and computer-
Interface options available. Air-and water-
Cooling portable chillers from 0.
5 to 30 HP uses a single pump and a double pump to supply chilled water from 0 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit at various flow rates and pressures.
PID self-tuning microprocessor control ensures the accuracy [+ or -]1[degrees]F.
Many models of rolling compressors have lower operating costs. Air-and water-
A comprehensive system design and installation service as well as a central cooling system for cooling.
The equipment has capacity grading and unloading functions.
The central cooling station includes storage tanks, refrigeration, control systems and pumping systems, with a small footprint and low installation costs.
Metal cooling towers of 10 to 632 tons and fiberglass installations of 50 to 200 tons.
Equipment, chemicals and test items provided. TECHNE INC.
Circular bath system for the above open and closed applications
The ambient temperature can reach up to 250 °c.
Five bath capacity and five temperatures from 8 to 48 liters-
A controlled Circulator consisting of 25 available systems.
Each can be used as an open-ended bathtub that provides the maximum working area, or as a closed-loop system for external equipment.
The inlet and outlet pipes at the rear of the Circulator can be used for external circulation, or can be terminated for circulation only inside the bath tank.
Although designed mainly for heating applications, Bath slots are calibrated at temperatures below ambient temperature and can be used at temperatures below ambient temperature
Ambient temperature. TEMPTEK, INC. Mold-
Temperature Controller, portable chiller, pump-
Tank Station and cooling-
The tower battery is designed for simple machinery, convenient operation, and super-
Solid construction and fewer components.
Temperature controller provided in water and hot wateroil, open-and closed-
Loop configuration.
Oil-water unit controlled to 250 F
Cycle unit up to 400 F. Space-
High efficiency equipment
Process pumps, flange heaters and advanced electronic instruments with remote functions.
Portable chillers and refrigeration modules are available in the airand water-
Condensed version.
Unit of 1 to 30 tons with operating temperature of 30 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit
The operating temperature is from 20 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the cooling module is from 5 tons to 40 tons. Pump-
The tank station utilizes a minimum floor area while emphasizing the vertical dimensions of water storage.
Standard process connection for pumps, sensors, drains and water
Level control simplifies installation.
10 to 540 tons of galvanized metal or fiberglass cooling tower energy-
Efficient prop fan, spacious wet deck and large reservoir.
Thermal care
Portable chiller with its owncontained air-or water-
Cooling design from tons to 40 tons with barrier-free cabinet design, colored water system and double-
Digital Display, lifetime warranty, seven front-
Action switch and 19 diagnostic lights. Air-
The cooling central chiller includes heat-
Recycling indoor equipment or low
Environment outdoor unit with capacity of 440 tons. Water-
Cooling central chiller in three configurations: TS Series economy factory-
20 to 100 ton wide system with rolling compressor and two independent refrigeration loops for precise control;
TX series Singleand dual-
The circuit unit of the screw compressor ranges from 40 tons to more than 440 tons;
And TC seriesand dual-
Circuit unit with advanced technology of 60 to 300 tons of reciprocating compressor.
All central chillers are equipped with PLC touch screen HMI and three-year warranty.
The fiberglass cooling towers of the FC and FT series range from 20 tons to 240 tons.
The unit has a high-
Efficiency induction
Draft design and solid, lightweight, non-corrosive FRP housing.
Construction of five nonferrous metals
Total Tower warranty year (Including motor)and 10-
One-year housing warranty for FC series towers.
Customize the pump/reservoir assembly of any size and configuration for tower or chiller applications.
Glass fiber, PE, stainless steel
Steel, or double
Welded steel structure with solid pump plate and pre-installed pre-wired control panel. Water-
The treatment system controls scale, corrosion, suspended solids and microbial growth through a single panel-mounted unit.
The filter equipment includes sand media filter, centrifugal separator, bag filter and filter. Temperature-
The control unit for the full range of pumping, heating and cooling configurations of oil and water is from 0. 75 to 7.
5 horsepower, 3 to 60 kW.
Dual tank and pump assembly, microprocessor with dual digital display and five-
7 years warranty-
Action switch and 15 diagnostic lights.
Negative pressure device available.
Thermal Electronics
Loop line by temperature-
Control module and Bath container.
The temperature covered by a wide range of circulators, coolers, recyclers and low temperature thermostats ranges from-90[degrees]C to 300[degrees]C.
Water and hot water-
Oil temperature controller and portable chiller.
Water unit with upright, low water level
Configuration file and subcompact configuration.
The microprocessor control has the functions of rs23 c, RS422 and RS485.
The horizontal pump with sealed Flushing is easy to operate. Single-and multi-
Area model with optional features. Hot-
The oil system controls the temperature from 100 to 550 F.
Heater capacity from more than 6kw.
Centrifugal pump with water
Standard cooling seals.
Upright and compact models are available.
Portable chiller with airand water-
Cooling condensation of 1 to 25 tons. Hot-
Stainless steel gas bypass
Fully insulated storage tank of steel or non-ferrous metal
Copper pipes and frozen-stat control.
Van steenburgh liquid cooler Co. , Ltd. Chil-
The Trak series is a reciprocating liquid chiller from 2 to 7.
5 tons with remote condenser drain heat outdoors and/or recover heat for use elsewhere.
Head Start receiver in all sizes, it matches the load to ensure smooth, consistent operation and low loadambient-
Temperature start-up. Front-
Panel channel for all parts of the system valve. WITTMANN, INC.
Hot Tempro line
Plus and water temperature controller in basic model.
In addition, the unit has a single or double zone, which can be used as an open system with a submersible pump or as a pressurized system with a magnetic coupling pump.
Pump capacity from 7.
The working temperature is 194 to 320 F between 5 and 15 gal/min.
Heating capacity of 3 to 9 kw. Single-
Depending on the model, the circuit base unit can work up to 194 F or 284 F.
Can have a self
Optimize the controller of monitoring [+ or -]1[degrees].
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