kitchen trolleys provide additional storage and counter space

by:QINGTAI     2020-05-04
In the past, the kitchen, usually next to the restaurant, was separated from the rest of the living space.
Usually small, the owner or hostess prepares the meal without the company of others, offering one or two dishes at a time.
Today, these rooms have become the center of the event, open to interact with family, friends and guests.
Kitchen trolley, regardless of size, whether separate or included in the living area (
Also known as the hostess trolley)
Additional surface area for food preparation and storage and easy delivery to other rooms at home.
Made of wood, stainless steel or tempered glass (
Or a combination of three)
Carts can include cabinets, drawers, Wine Rack and wine glass holders, wire and wicker baskets, and butcher blocks.
They can also include cutting boards, tissue racks, removable pallets, heating trays, sideboards, stools, and several racks (
Stainless steel kitchen trolley can accommodate up to 6 units, while professional kitchen trolley can accommodate up to 6 units).
The list of products and their combinations that can be used on kitchen carts is almost endless.
In addition, casters are used for ease of operation in and through each room in the home, and also include locks for safety and comfort.
Folding carts are used in smaller spaces.
Wooden kitchen carts combine warmth and functionality in their styling, while stainless steel and glass have contemporary appeal.
Combined, the homeowner\'s features, durability, and style have changed even more.
Wood can include rubber wood, pine wood, bamboo, medium density cardboard with laminate and wool ball;
Usually, any lightweight material can be used and the finish can be selected indefinitely.
Highlights and brush faces (
Add or not add color)
It is common in stainless steel models with cold or warm tones.
Clear or smoked glass is provided.
Wood, glass, steel, marble and granite are on the top.
Prices range from $99 to $4000.
Kitchen carts can be used as additional storage space in a kitchenette or in a larger kitchen.
Pots, pans and utensils placed in the trolley can make room in the cabinets and drawers, while they are within reach due to mobility.
They also provide additional counter areas for preparing food and sundriesfree workspace.
The kitchen trolley has a wide range of styles and accessories to choose from, and is once again a popular and convenient tool for entertaining family, friends and other VIPs.
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