karl henry: this is what should be in your shopping trolley this week

by:QINGTAI     2020-05-06
So, how did you finish your homework last week? It\'s probably the hardest, making a positive list, taking the time to reflect, HIIT meetings and spring cleaning, a lot of things have happened.
But you see, real health takes time, effort, patience, balance, and most importantly --
Believe in yourself, believe that you can do it.
The whole purpose of this series is to show you how viable real health is.
To put it simply, for a week, assess the different aspects of your life --
Instead of picking out only one
This can be achieved.
So it\'s a big high to go so far.
This week, let\'s take care of the weekly food store.
This is probably my favorite day of the week and something everyone should do.
This is probably the most important factor to keep you and your family healthy all year round.
Simply put, by storing everything you need in the coming week, you are preparing for success, health, and making life easier.
So pick up these reusable bags and go to the store and try to fill your cart with the following: Lean meat, fish, chicken, turkey lentils and eggs are all good sources of protein, they should be filled with a handful on your plate and make your food on the plate, and the bulk cooking is also great.
Dairy products: I know this is a hot topic at the moment, but fill it up unless a registered dietitian or your GP advises you not to take it.
Greek yogurt and milk are the staple food in our house, perfect for recovery, great breakfast, and things that we didn\'t like.
Colorful fruits and vegetables: five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day, which is what you should eat.
Your shopping cart should be in color.
Green, orange, yellow, red and blue, the more colors the better, you will also be surprised by the value of fruits and vegetables, try it and you will be surprised.
Nuts and seeds: perfect for snacks, good for breakfast in porridge or yogurt, and full of delicious.
The obvious tip is to avoid anything being covered.
The cashews, Brazil and walnuts are great.
Part of the size should be palm-
Not the palm pyramid.
Water: six packs of water can be super convenient.
They are often 1.
5 liters of bottles and one or two bottles per day are your recommended water intake, giving you a visual goal to work every day.
It\'s especially convenient if you commute, because you can put it in your backpack and drink oatmeal on your way to and from work: the champion\'s breakfast, cheap and vibrant, especially now it\'s getting colder and colder in the morning.
You can also make a lot of things with oats, including your own granola.
Oatmeal is a weekly staple in our food store.
Obviously, you can add more things;
Dark chocolate, weird desserts, sweet potatoes and so on, but this is a very good starting point.
The key lesson in today\'s column is that in terms of food, the plan is successful.
Finding that big store is crucial and you will be rocking no matter where you take the time to buy the food and drinks you want.
Let\'s continue to learn the curve.
I want you to pick out four new recipes that will be cooked this week.
Also don\'t choose simple options, let\'s aim to break your boundaries.
Keep cooking in bulk as usual so the fridge is full of delicious food.
Not everyone will like this task.
Our goal this week is to call. free meals.
I want you to have a call.
Free daily meals are available for any meal that suits you.
Simply put your phone aside or turn it off and focus on food, people, taste and time --
Go out for a meal.
Remember, eating on your phone is not good for your health.
I\'m sure HIIT was tough last week.
So this week\'s homework is to build your own week of exercise.
I would like to see what you have learned in the last three weeks, remember to add some cardiovascular work and resistance work to the project and plan to do a total of three to four workouts.
Your motivation goal is to make good use of your health.
Find an event, a race, a run, a walk, anything that appeals to you and sign up for it.
Instead of signing up for something you know you can do easily, try something outside of the comfort zone that you have to work on and stop to do.
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