how to design & build storage shelves

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-30
Finding solutions for your home or office organization needs can be as simple as designing and building storage shelves.
Storage shelves increase the square footage of available space by adding storage space to the wall or vertical storage space on the floor.
Place your storage shelves in a convenient place so they can easily reach without obstructing traffic through the space or blocking the view.
Measure the space dedicated to storage in your home or office.
Measure how wide the space is with a tape measure to determine if you will put together a long shelf unit or several smaller shelf units.
Measure the height of the shelf space from the floor to the desired height.
Divide the height measurement of 12-by 13inch-high shelves.
The extra inch is the shelf thickness.
This calculation will tell you the exact number of storage shelves placed vertically in the space.
Divide by this size if you want a shorter or higher shelf, but don\'t forget the extra inches.
Determine the design style of the shelf.
Will your shelf be installed on the wall or will it be built into a stand-alone rack unit?
Determine the necessary width of the shelf.
If you have a variety of items on your shelf, such as storage boxes and equipment, please use 12-inch-wide, 1-inch-
Thick plank.
For smaller storage shelves, use 10-, 8-or 6-inch-
Wide board.
Sketch out the design of your storage rack with pencil and graphic paper.
Assign measurements to easy-to-use graphic paper units such as 1 feet per unit or 1/2 per unit.
A simple, standard design uses a uniform shelf with uniform spacing, while a combination of creative design can be staggered, split, or boxed on the shelf.
Calculate the size of the storage shelf part.
Use sketch design and space measurements to calculate how much shelf wood you need to purchase for storage shelf units.
Transfer the dimensions of the storage shelf parts to the shelf wood with a pencil.
Align the mark on the composite herringbone saw and cut the wood.
If you have accurately transferred the dimensions to the shelf wood, cut all the pieces at once.
Finally, back the plywood.
If your shelf design has a closed back, wait until the unit is fully assembled before cutting the backing with a round saw.
After assembling the unit, measure the unit again, and then transfer the final measurement result to the plywood to cut the back wall of the storage shelf.
Match and assemble according to your storage shelf design plan.
Arrange the end of the shelf to the side plate, pre-
Drill holes, apply wood glue and screw them together as storage shelf units.
Mark the position of the wall bracket on the wall
Storage shelves installed. Pre-
Drill holes in the wall, insert the wall anchor, screw the wall bracket to the wall, and install the shelf on the wall bracket.
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