How to Cover a Shelving Unit

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-28
The shelf unit helps to address the home storage needs, but there is very little attraction to the shelves filled with tools, crafts, toys or food storage rooms.No matter how well organized, the goods stored often look cluttered.By covering the shelf unit, it is better integrated with the rest of the interior.The easiest way to cover the shelf unit is to install the tabletPanel curtains with hooks on the front-and-loop tape.If the side is open, also install a panel on each side.The completed side plate should be equal to the side width and height.Use a pair of panels on the front of the unit, each with a height equal to half the width of the unit.To make it yourself, add 2 inch in each measurement and Stitch 1-The four sides of each panel have an inch hem.Soft seam-on hook-and-Cycle the tape along the top of the curtain called the title.Attach your own rough halfadhesive hook-and-Cycle the tape along the top front and side of the shelf unit (if appropriate.Press the curtain tape on the tape of the shelf unit to hang the curtain.For a single shelf unit made of wood or wood-Replacement or unit library made of any material, consider hiding contents with RodHanging curtain with hanging ring.For a single unit, use the bucket holder to install a fine bar along the top of the shelf unit.Install ceiling for multiple unitsThe mounted Rod rod with an end cap, not finials.To calculate the height of the curtain, measure from the bottom of the mounting ring to the floor.Calculate the width of the curtain by multiplying the combined width of all shelf units by 1.5.Divide the result of the width of each curtain panel by half;You need two panelsIncrease 2 inch per measurement and then cut the fabric in these measurements.Surround the four sides of each panel with 1-1inch hem.Hard curtain head with ironOn the interface in front of the wrap, so that the fabric does not sag between the rings.Sew the ring on the head and hang the curtains on the rod.To cover the contents and prevent dust, slide up your shelf unit.In practical spaces like garages, the slide cover works well, where you are more concerned with features than making things look beautiful.Measure the length and width of the top, front and side of the shelf unit.5 inch per measurementCut off two pieces of painter\'s TARP or tent canvas on the side and face dimensions;You will use one of the latter on the back of the slide cover.Cut a piece to your top size.Sew the pieces together with 1/2-Seam allowance in inches.The result is a proper slip cover, loose enough to slide up and down easily.Consider making a pair of doors for shelving units made of real or composite wood.Measure the unit width including the frame and divide the width of each door by half.To calculate the height of the door, measure it from top to bottom and subtract 1/4 so that the door does not drag on the floor.If your unit has top and bottom molding, measure the distance between the molding and subtract 1/4.Cut two doors with wood, plywood or medium fiber board.Sand, prime and paint them to match your shelf unit or sand and stain wood or plywood version.Cover it with your own, not the dyed mid-fiber board doorPlywood--Type of re-facing Cabinet--Match your shelf unit.The refacing veneer is also effective at the cutting edge of the plywood door.Hang the door on the shelf and add the knob or pull.
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