How Mirages Work

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-08
In the most common Mirage type, the object appears to be reflected as if there is a pool of water on the ground.
This phenomenon is caused by light refraction. -
Bending of the beam.
When the light enters another medium from one medium, it bends ---
For example, from air to water, even from cold air to warm air.
The idea looks strange, but it\'s actually very simple.
Imagine pushing your shopping cart through the parking lot.
If you apply a constant force, the speed of the cart depends on the medium it is driving ---
In this case, the laying surface of the parking lot.
What happens when you push your cart from the parking lot to the grass?
If you push it straight to the grass, it will slow down.
Grass Media provides more resistance, so more energy is needed to move the shopping cart.
But if you push the car to the grass at a certain angle, something else happens.
If the right wheel hits the grass first, it slows down when the revolver is still on the sidewalk.
Because the wheel on the left moves faster than the one on the right, when the cart moves to the grass, it turns to the right.
Again, if you move from a grassy area to a paved area, one wheel will accelerate than the other and the trolley will turn.
A light works in a similar way.
Its speed depends on what medium it passes through.
In a vacuum in space, light travels at the fastest speed because there is no problem with slowing down.
In a region full of matter, such as the gas atmosphere of the Earth, it moves slowly.
When it moves from one medium to another at a certain angle, the part of the wave changes the speed instantly before the other, and the light turns.
In the next section, we will learn how this phenomenon works wonders.
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