How about the ODM service flow?
Qing dao Qing tai Metal Products Co.,Ltd. provides initial design manufacturer solutions - a entire solution in the formulation, manufacturing, packaging, branding, advertising, and distribution stations. We've got an abundance of expertise, abilities and research and development tools to create ODM a complete victory! By keeping control of the entire manufacturing process, we guarantee the integrity of the last product through rigorous manufacturing processes and rigorous layout quality.

As a well-established company, Qing tai Metal Products has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality collapsible hand trolley for many years. Qing tai Metal Products focuses on providing a variety of storage shelves for customers. This product features dimensional stability. Its every detail is tested by high-precision instruments to ensure that the dimensional accuracy is within the controllable range. Durable Construction for Enhanced Convenience. The product can significantly liberate people from heavy-duty and monotonous work, allowing people to spend time focusing on other important tasks. Safely & Securely Stored & Moved

We strive to bring the following primary benefits to our business partners: the achievement of cost reduction goals and green initiative development.
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