house beautiful: cook street condo opens up new world for empty nesters

by:QINGTAI     2020-05-02
A window seat built in a niche has always been a dream, at least for the leading lady in a classic novel.
Steve and Carol Hutchinson at their 1913-
Retro suite overlooking Biken Hill Park.
The stylish apartments give them a passion for city life.
Unlike larger and more dense cities, Victoria has relatively few traditional apartment buildings and is therefore sought after as an apartment.
Built by architect/builder George C. in 1913
I\'m a dentist.
Three Arthur Palant.
Floor building with elegant bellcast roof and outside of cobblestone
Sprint plaster with Tudor
Wood details in style.
Open the window with the original order-
The pane glass that covers the lead diamond pane adds the old-
16-world atmosphereunit complex.
When planning the building he called the Park building, Palante considered the wealthy tenants (
It was renamed Hampton Court and spelled out in stained glass on the beam window above the front door).
By today\'s standards, tenants really enjoy it.
They all had electric bells calling servants from their basement residence.
In his 1950 s, Palante\'s family sold it to the Duke of Westminster, whose investment group owns a lot of real estate in Vancouver.
Re-sold in 1968, the building had few owners before it was converted to Class ownership in 1984.
Not all owners are sympathetic to the value of its heritage.
The building was almost demolished in 1976 but saved by tenants who heard about the owner\'s plans and alerted the Town Hall.
Now the building has a heritage name.
The second of the Hutchinson couple
Floor House is one of the largest units
Three bedrooms and two bathrooms
Because it\'s a combination of a single suite and a two-person suite.
Bedroom apartment when the building was rebuilt.
The result was nearly 2,000. square-
The foot home with the proportion of the House and classic elements.
From the entrance and the corridor in front, with its oversized mirror, the home feels solid and inflated.
When they\'re close to empty
On the stage of the \"Bird\'s Nest\", the Hutchinson family is ready to move away from their Gordon family house.
Steve didn\'t want to see the Cook Street apartment at first because it had no balcony.
After living in the apartment for nearly three years, he enjoyed living in the city center.
\"You have to drive [before]
Although we have three acres, we are not big gardeners.
Everything is so much work, \"says Steve, who has a home office in his company.
\"I don\'t need my car now.
We walked everywhere.
It\'s great here.
They also found that they did not need a balcony after all.
\"The wind is very strong. we can go out for a walk --
Go to the park, go to the beach, \"said Carol.
The couple stayed in the apartment for more than a year while they planned to update the space.
As a designer who designs Stevens interior design, Carol has the skills to manage renovations, including new oak flooring, walking
En suite bathroom in storage room and after renovation.
The kitchen was pleasant but they wanted to change the layout of the kitchen and remove some of the wall space in order to get into the dining room.
Carol was keenly aware of more than oneunit space.
\"It\'s more stressful in the apartment because you\'re with your neighbors and you\'re trying to keep it clean and quiet,\" she said . \".
They stayed in the suite during the renovation, which was not as terrible as it sounded, as the apartment had two entrances, one leading to the main wing.
The new kitchen is quiet, classic and vibrant.
The new cabinets at Hunter woodworking are finished with deep glaze.
In addition to the cooking output, the drama in the room comes from the winding white seams on the matrix marble granite countertops, surrounded by the back panels of California black and gray tiles.
\"I don\'t want to take my attention away from the counter,\" Carol said . \". The Blanco-
Brand kitchen sink is a charcoal shade made of a composite granite called Silgranitporous.
They chose the Fisher & Paykel Appliance, which is slim and streamlined in its refrigerator design, and has an induction stove cooktop with a double oven.
It was a surprise that there were even small seats in the kitchen.
A window seat.
From here you can see the coming and going of Cook Street and write a grocery list, which is a great habitat.
Behind the seat is a bright wall with works by cowican Bay fabric artist Pipi tastian on the wall.
The pastel wall colors come from Benjamin Moore\'s historical collection, which includes Putnam ivory, with lighter tones on the ceiling.
This selection provides a suitable background for the color impact of the artwork.
The restaurant has a gold plated framed print of the little Tom Thomson scene and several huge summaries of artist friend Rita dusang.
As Hutchinson\'s apartment is in a corner of the building, it captures light all day through large windows.
But there are a lot of new options when lighting is needed, such as adding LED lights and emergency lights to the kitchen.
Some of the original lighting in the restaurant is mixed with new hanging lamps (
Little cousin in the kitchen)from Luxe.
There are not many modern apartments that can accommodate a dining table for 14 people, but the space is easy to accommodate.
In the living area, the couple\'s own chair comes with a new shelving unit and a sideboard cabinet, giving the space a relaxed, comfortable and stylish feel without clutter.
Ensuite bathroom with generous closet access updated by removing claw-foot basin and adding marble-
Look at the tiles-
The matte version on the floor and the shine in the shower, while in the shower, a large black tile with a classic acanthus leaf pattern adds some pop music.
In the master bedroom, in addition to the colorful painting flower language on the cover of the linen duvet of the designer Association, the color becomes soft again.
Finally, another luxurious window seat has a dual function with drawers that add storage space.
This is another advantageous location from which you can overlook the hustle and bustle below and appreciate the extra maintenance --
Now that they really get used to the new community, they have free time every week.
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