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Which of these two situations is best for your holiday time: have you been lounging at home and ordering the latest phone with the best RAM specs from the ecommerce site
How many hours did the business seller, Dinner Pizza and the recently released game take?
Or, whenever you have a chance, have you been walking around with your parents, helping them shop and do daily chores, making some extra pocket money for yourself?
If you are in the latter category then you may like the article
If you go out shopping then you will definitely meet the shopping cart.
You see, you use it to fill out all the basic items you want to buy, and you leave as soon as you settle your bill and transfer your items to your bag.
Did you stop and think about how these carts came from?
Let\'s take a look at Sylvan N, born on 1898.
After the Great Depression, Goldman Sachs has secured 1930 people.
He has a large supermarket chain in the city of orrama, which is quite well run.
One day Goldman sat in his shop and noticed that his customers had their groceries in their hands --held baskets.
It wasn\'t long before he realized it was a limiting factor because if the basket couldn\'t hold anything more, the customer would stop buying, or become too heavy to carry with him.
Goldman lazily stared at a wooden folding chair and wondered how he could make the customer\'s shopping experience more comfortable, which would actually give him better results.
At that time, he suddenly thought that he could give the customer a shopping cart by replacing the seat with a basket and adding wheels to his legs.
Goldman Sachs worked with mechanic Fred Young to create his first prototype.
The metal frames have two metal baskets, which are designed to be folded so that the two baskets nest each other.
Thanks to his inspiration, Goldman Sachs named them \"carrier of folding basket \".
In June 4, 1937, newspapers in the city of Russia published these advertisements.
If you think they were hit in an instant, wait and hear.
While men think it may make them look weak to use these, women think they are less fashionable.
Goldman hired models of different ages and genders to pretend to be shopping.
In addition, the use of these carts is encouraged by the shop welcoming staff, and success is inevitable.
The design of the store has made the checkout counters and aisles helpful in the use of shopping carts, and by the age of 1940, they are very popular.
Orla E. savelin space shuttle 1946
Watson from Kansas City came up with a retractable shopping cart that enabled the cart to be installed with each other, saving valuable store space in front and allowing for compact storage.
Before a final settlement, the patent war between Watson and Goldman Sachs broke out.
As for the trolley, the basic design remains more or less the same, taking into account the ergonomic changes.
Most retail supermarkets offer these carts in the hope that mobile-friendly carts will encourage customers to buy more and increase sales.
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