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Everything About A Wheelbarrow

Everything About A Wheelbarrow


A wheelbarrow is a means of transport, which usually has one wheel and sometimes two wheels or four wheels. The singled-tired wheelbarrow is the most traditional and common one. The body of wheelbarrows consists of a pallet (bed) that is attached to two handles and two legs. This equipment is mainly used to move smaller goods for gardeners or construction workers.


Wheelbarrows are specially designed to balance the load between the wheel and the operator. The device can easily carry heavy objects, which workers cannot carry alone.

Wheelbarrow Features to Know

Just like other garden tools, a wide range of wheelbarrows for sale are available in with different features. Anyone who wants to get the best wheelbarrow for gardening, he or she should know its basic features. Here, we list the most common features of wheelbarrows so you can understand exactly what to look for when making your purchase.


1. Wheelbarrow Load Tub Material

The load tray of your wheelbarrow can be made from:


Plastic (Polyethlene)

Fabric (Typically a folding wheelbarrow)

Metal (Stainless Steel)

Generally, the stronger the material of the bucket, the higher the carrying capacity of the wheelbarrow. At the same time, this means that the wheelbarrow itself is heavy and difficult to operate.


It is suggested to choose a load bucket material that can support everything needed to be carried by the wheelbarrow, while still keeping the wheelbarrow light enough for easy handling. For most people, the light metal or polyethylene plastic maybe the best choice.

2. Wheelbarrow Weight Limit
Most wheelbarrow manufacturers in China list the weight limit that a wheelbarrow can accommodate. The weight limit depends on the structure of the wheelbarrow. A heavier, stronger wheelbarrow can carry more weight.


However, the introduction of polyethylene loading beds makes some wheelbarrows very lightweight, but still strong with a high load capacity..


3. Wheelbarrow Cargo Volume
Wheelbarrow Cargo volume is the space that can be filled with materials in a wheelbarrow. The average cargo volume of wheelbarrow is about 10 cubic feet of materials.


Volume is an important factor to consider. Most people only look at the weight that a wheelbarrow can bear. One thing that cannot be neglected is that a wheelbarrow which can bear a load of 1200 pounds doesn’t work if it can’t hold 1,200 pounds of materials. When people buy a wheelbarrow, they need to think about what they want to put in it on a regular basis. This will affect the size/volume they need to buy.

4. Tire of Wheelbarrow
Wheelbarrow Tire Number
Wheelbarrows come with one, two or four tires. Classic wheelbarrows are used to be single-tired. They are difficult to manoeuvre, especially when going uphill or under heavy loads. However, it is easy to turn around corners and move up narrow pathways when using the singled-tired wheelbarrow.


For stability, most people choose a two-wheeled unicycle. Some people choose a four-wheel hybrid because they want to easily drag the wheelbarrow behind.

Wheel Types of Wheelbarrow:
Most high-quality wheelbarrowsfor gardening will be equipped with pneumatic tires that are filled with air and similar to car tires. These are the best tiresbecause they roll smoothly on almost any type of terrain.


Some less expensive models will skimp on the tires, making them out of plastic or without any tread. Try to avoid these as they will break down much quicker, potentially causing a huge spill in the garden!

Ball Bearings

The final factor affecting a tire is the ball bearing inside the tire. The quality of this ball bearing will affect the weight your unicycle can bear and the speed and smoothness of the tire rolling along the ground.

5. Handles
The handle of wheelbarrows can affect the ease of turning and dumping the cargo. Most wheelbarrows will have long wooden handles attached to the front of the wheelbarrow for easy use when dumped.


Some other types will have a single handle that can be pulled or connected to a tractor or ATV. These will have a dump function on the loading bed so people don't have to awkwardly empty the wheelbarrow.


What Are the Common Uses of A Wheelbarrow?

Gardeners usea heavy duty wheelbarrow to reduce the pressure on his back when carrying heavy loads such as soil. Wheelbarrows can also be used when planting large gardens-plant trays will fit perfectly on the wheelbarrow trays. In addition to reducing the pressure on the gardener’s back, using a wheelbarrow saves time and requires fewer round trips. Wheelbarrows are particularly suitable for weeding. The device can easily move between two rows of the garden, allowing people to load weeds and then dump the weeds elsewhere.


Another important use of wheelbarrows is to load and move sticks in the yard to prevent damage to the blades of the lawn mower. Some gardeners also use old wheelbarrows as permanent trays for plants!


In the past, wheelbarrows were often used in gardens, but today they are used in various places or occasions. Now, wheelbarrows can be widely seen in homes, gardens, construction works, masonry, road works, etc.


Qingtai QT0201 Plastic Tray Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow


Product Parameters of Plastic Tray Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

Model: QT0201

Product Size(mm): 1410X595X610/935X610X330

Load Capacity(kg): 260

Water Capacity(L): 100

Weight(kg): 14.6

Wheel:   4.00-8

Tray Material: Plastic
Handle Material: Iron

Packing: In bulk or pallet

Product Description of Plastic Tray Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow
1. Tray: Made from eco-friendly materials and harmless to human health.
2. Handle: Soft grip handles that offer a comfortable holdmake it a smoother when lifting and moving garden materials.
3. Wheel: Durable plastic wheel make it ideal for using outside.
4. Frame: Supporting frames for stability.

Product Feature of Plastic Tray Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow
-This fully functional wheelbarrow is great for carrying small loads around the yard.
- This plastic tray wheelbarrow has easy grip handles and moves smoothly across grass and dirt with its sturdy plastic wheel.
-The perfect first wheelbarrow for any budding gardener.

Qingtai is an expert in manufacturing wheelbarrows. If you want to know more about wheelbarrows or are interested in our wheelbarrows, please feel free to contact us. Here at Qingtai, many kinds of wheelbarrows for sale are available for your choice.

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