duo cleans up illegal nanaimo dump sites

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-22
Two men from Nanaimo joined forces to remove garbage from illegal dumps and abandoned homeless camps.
Jeff kalahan and Les Gillard, who claim to be the fan island cleaning team, say their motivation is to love nature and hope to make the forest safer by picking up discarded needles.
Callahan pointed out that the rest of the world has to deal with a lot of garbage and said: \"The last thing I want is that Canada looks like this.
\"With the help of donations from other Nanaimo residents and local businesses, such as gloves and garbage bags, the two did the work in vain.
They filled countless garbage bags with tons of garbage.
The 49-year-old kalahan and 10-year-old father began cleaning up the rubbish in the woods a few years ago when he met a bunch of abandoned items while walking in the family.
When a local motel closed last year, he was looking for a job after being fired.
He worked alone until he met 33-year-old Girard on Facebook.
They lived in the same community and found that they were caught in a nearby place where people dumped their garbage.
They have been working together for about three weeks to collect large amounts of garbage bags that have been taken away for processing.
Now, they are in a position as a non-
Profit Society, and solve the responsibility-related problems in the case of their expanded number.
Girard receives disability allowance due to medical problems, which may make him too tired to move or stand for a few days.
What drives him, Girard says, is \"My love for nature and safety for my family,\" who has two children and works in health care and family support.
One of his concerns was that some of the discarded needles that were partially filled were left on the ground.
During the cleaning process, Girard said, they took the sharp container and then handled it in the appropriate facilities.
They took everything else.
From rotten clothes to shopping carts, futons, lawn mowers and more.
Girard said that if the cleaning team meets a homeless camp in use, occupants will be treated politely and garbage bags will be provided to help maintain the area, they want to see more services to help solve the problem of Community Renewal.
In the last 8-
Girard said that the day cleaning project, close to halburton Street, was close to the track managed by the Southern rail of Vancouver Island, and they picked up 475 bags of garbage and transported it by truck, which traveled along the railway.
A friend of Callahan also helped.
The garbage was transferred to the city of Nanaimo, where a municipal garbage bin was discarded.
Other areas that were razed to the ground by the team include Barsby Park and wooded areas near Bowen Road.
David Thompson, manager of the Nanaimo health, recycling and Public Works Administration, said the group met with municipal staff last week.
While Nanaimo works with community groups every spring and fall to carry out roadside cleanup work, the cleanup team is different because the cleanup takes place in the woods, he said.
Thompson asked people planning to start cleaning to inform them in advance-
Especially if you want to remove the garbage from your private property.
\"When we know about the activities that citizens are doing, we are more than happy to help.
\"Cjwilson @ timeslonist.
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