customers complain as shopping cart glitch mars amazon\'s prime day

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-10
Golden day of Amazon.
Com aims to highlight its own technology.
Not only Seattle-
The company offers deals for its branded tablets and streaming devices, but it is also demonstrating its technical knowledge
How to offer discounts to shoppers who place orders using Amazon Echo speakers.
However, one of the most basic features on Amazon\'s website failed on Tuesday: shopping cart.
Millions of users flocked to Amazon.
Com find the deal for the company-
During the sales holiday in July, some customers encountered a glitch that prevented them from adding certain items to their online shopping cart.
Because of this, some people missed certain deals and expressed their displeasure on social media platforms such as Twitter.
Amazon tweeted at 8: 40 a. m. : \"Some customers have difficulty reporting checkout . \"m.
In New York, almost nine hours after the start of the day\'s sales.
\"We are trying to solve this problem quickly.
\"For a company that puts heavy pressure on its customers --
For the first time to experience and have a huge cloud computing business, CEO Jeff Bezos or senior management may not solve the problem of service interruption very well.
Last year, the company was hit by public relations on its first gold Day, and when shoppers were disappointed with the number and type of transactions on the site, they criticized it with hashtag PrimeDayFail
The company still said sales exceeded expectations, accounting for 2% of the company\'s revenue growth in the third quarter of last year.
A spokesman for Amazon said the shopping cart issue had been fixed before noon in New York, but that was not the case until some frustrated shoppers started using Twitter.
\"I wish you all a happy day to join the shopping cart!
User @ maricnadal wrote: \"PrimeDay PrimeDayFail.
Although the Amazon statement has resolved the fault, it seems that another user has a problem as well. \".
@ Amazon PrimeDayFail again.
Cannot add sales items to cart.
Increased this morning but the price is normal.
Try again after deletion.
No, @ Sugar_Iowaat 1:11 p. m.
While trying to replicate these issues, Forbes also ran into issues trying to add certain items highlighted as \"golden day deals\" to the online shopping cart.
About 9: 00. m.
In New York, the company\'s website does not allow us to check out with the XBOX 360 game \"WWE 2K16\", which is down 50% to $14.
A shopping cart.
Most attempts to do this come across the message \"failed to add to cart.
\"We finally checked out successfully around 9: 20 A. M. m.
After many attempts
A spokesman for Amazon did not respond.
About what caused the cart to fail.
The spokesperson also did not respond to inquiries about the website traffic of Huang Jinri, nor did he respond to whether customers who missed the transaction due to this issue were able to access the same discount at a later date. According to e-
Commercial software company ChannelAdvisor monitors about 3,000 retailers on Amazon, the golden day sold in the United States. S.
It was flat with 2015 people, while as of noon ET, Britain grew by 11% from a year ago.
\"It looks like Amazon has spread these deals more,\" said Scot Wingo, executive chairman of ChannelAdvisor . \".
\"The 11% growth in the UK may indicate where we will end up.
Greg Anderson reports from Jersey City, New Jersey.
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