brave new grocery shopping

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-23
I saw the future of grocery shopping. Its name is MediaCart.
We really need something like this: a shopping cart provided by Microsoft that knows where everything is.
According to Jessica Mintz of the Associated Press, Microsoft is \"bringing digital advertising into the shopping cart \".
\"Most importantly, there is no need to wait in line for the cashier.
Just run your card through the reader and you can leave.
If you are lucky, you may completely avoid the need to deal with anyone!
RFID chip, card reader, video advertising-
Microsoft\'s Scott Ferris says it\'s all about \"making the shopping experience better for consumers \".
\"Of course, this is a valuable goal, although in some grocery stores that I am familiar with, it is equipped with anti-shopping carts.
A tank missile that blows other shoppers out of the aisle will be more convenient than a digital shopping list, as it will keep playing ads.
But even though I\'m upset that our entire building environment has turned into an endless ad, I\'m optimistic about how the world works, and it\'s a madness to label the information world
If I can get this info from my cart, I \'d be happy to see the ads for Krispy Kreme donuts.
But living in Berkeley like me, I have to compare the brave new general memory vision of this \"shopping experience\" with the \"farm box\" that goes to the local farmer\'s market to buy once a week ---
A pack of fresh produce happened to be in the season a week.
You don\'t even need to come up with a shopping list because you will get what they give you.
Then you adjust your menu to fit in.
I did it once.
It\'s crazy, in a radical, slowFood, surrender. your-shopping-autonomy, what-the-heck-do-you-do-with-
The practice of radish.
Like falling from space.
Time twists into a strange dimension, a place where all locals make signs on evil eyes and leave shyly in front of terrible ghosts. . . .
MediaCart, Microsoft.
Worst of all, there is no biscuit aisle. I wonder --
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