Abandon online shopping cart, reap discount?

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-09
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
Every few seconds, thousands of online shoppers do things they may never do in real life --
They walked away from the shopping cart.
Maybe the boss shipped the goods away, or the freight cost let them pack them into bricks --and-
Alternative to mortar.
Retailers are trying to deal with such a huge loss of opportunity via email
Provide targeted marketing information to remind customers that they have not purchased the goods.
Some send an email and some send multiple emails.
Some waited for a few days, and some immediately sent a note.
Some offer discount codes to attract shoppers back to their shopping carts.
There is an opportunity for wafflers.
\"Consumers will definitely be aware that retailers are doing this,\" says Carrie gouin, Web community manager at Think Geek . \". com.
She has set up a system in her company to sell geek fashion goods such as iCade (
IPad arcade cabinet)
, Send an email reminder to the customer who selected the email communication.
The current offer is $10 per $50.
According to the analysis of 14 recent studies by the Baymard Institute, in the field of online retail, the abandonment rate of shopping carts hovers around 65%.
Although it seems to be a very large number, what\'s more striking is that it\'s a smaller number.
A recent study by Listrak shows that there are only 14.
Of the top 6% retailers, 1,000 took any measures against customer flights.
It is speculated that shoppers may intentionally give up their shopping carts and hope to receive discounted emails soon.
The question asked by Gouldin and her colleagues is: \"Do we want to train customers to have this behavior?
\"The answer to Think Geek is absolutely yes.
Gouldin said that the number of people who opened an abandoned shopping cart email was twice that of their regular newsletter, and that Thinkgeek earned 10 times their revenue per customer. “And the trade-
\"Offering discounts is worth it for us,\" said Gouldin . \".
Email marketer Listrak, who studied the reaction of the top 1,000 retailers to abandon their shopping carts, said other retailers who had tried the event had also achieved positive results.
Listrak expects the number of retailers following up on consumers to grow exponentially, starting with top retailers and moving down (see link. reuters. com/hux58s).
\"Top retailers are doing this,\" said Megan Ouellet, marketing director at Listrak, who quoted Land\'s End, Best Buy, Home Depot and zap“It’s the mid-
Market retailers without progress.
Sometimes it\'s a resource problem.
\"For abandoned carts, there is no service to track discounts at this time.
The closest thing is an online gallery of 20 top events, but due to the constant availability of changes, this is not reliable for consumers.
However, trials and errors may work.
Shopping expert Julia Scott, who runs the blog bargainbaby.
Com, she got an email.
She gave up the box after the trolley, but the discount was not much.
\"I know a lot of retailers don\'t do that,\" Scott said . \".
\"They\'ll email me and say, hey, you left something in the cart, but they don\'t offer anything, it\'s a lost chance.
Even a small coupon or free shipping would surprise me.
Staff of Dealnews.
Gather com for shopping offers and see more and more offers appear in their in-boxes.
Since the team tests about 300 quotes a day-
Until the final stage of purchase-
They abandoned their cars all day.
Lindsay sarlaida, director of functionality at Dealnews, said: \"I \'ve recently noticed that more and more shops are starting to email me about an abandoned shopping cart, although it\'s usually just asking me if
\"Smarter retailers will offer temptations in their emails that will allow you to reconsider the purchase.
\"Some companies have set up companies to avoid consumers trying to play with the system too muchRestrictions.
For example, think geek generates unique code for each email that can only be used once.
Listrak says other companies will track consumers who have previously received discounts and no longer send them any offers.
Others just change their offer so often that consumers cannot predict what they will get.
Despite the risk of proliferation of coupon codes, more retailers are expected to join the competition just because it works.
For browsers looking at clothing and other impulsive items, Sakraida thinks the discount will be different.
\"An email that reminds you and simplifies the transaction with an extra discount may be enough to convince you --the-
\"Fence shoppers pull the trigger at the time of purchase,\" she added . \".
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