a shopping cart worth fighting for?

by:QINGTAI     2020-04-20
You don\'t see two old people fighting for shopping carts every day.
They are not fighting.
Both of them put their hands on the trolley and they are doing the older version of \"my!
\"The game my kids love very much.
I stood at the door of my favorite grocery store and looked at it cheerfully.
Part of me, I admit, wants to go to all the campuses and start yelling \"Fight! FIGHT!
But someone is needed to preserve their dignity. So I watched.
Finally, one realizes that they are attracting a group of people and letting go.
He muttered mut and went on.
I stood for a moment to see the winner.
He seemed a little embarrassed about the scene, but it did not cover up the joy of his victory.
I was a little confused when I thought of two men my grandfather was so big (Ok, fine.
Two men of my father\'s age)
Fight for anything, not to mention the cart. Then I got it.
It\'s one of those new carts.
Maybe a year ago, the grocery store added a lot of trendy new shopping carts.
These carts are different.
Where the old shopping carts are big and bulky, these shopping carts are small and easy to operate.
They are new and shiny.
If it\'s just a little while, they\'ll let you pretend you\'re shopping at the Whole Foods supermarket. You aren\'t.
The person driving the old shopping cart looks like a victim of the grocery shopping industrial complex, and the person driving the new sports edition seems to have complete control over the shopping experience.
Two levels of grocery store storage provide a responsible atmosphere for grocery transportation for these sports: Make sure you are athletic and drive a new trolley \"with it. . .
But you have a rational side. I looked around.
The loser of the cart struggled to hold back the disappointment and chose a standard shopping cart.
He sadly pushed his boring big car into the store.
I looked around.
The winner claimed the last cool car.
I was not surprised when I thought about what had just happened.
I \'ve never seen a conflict before, but I \'ve seen adults sprint in the parking lot and claim them.
Somehow, the idea of having to push a standard shopping cart when these beautiful, powerful transports exist is too unbearable.
I went into the store with my boring trolley.
There are not enough cool carts, so most of my shopping colleagues are pushing big cars sadly.
Does anyone push the shopping cart?
Pay attention to the way people push carts next time.
There are several different ways.
There are two standards. handed-stand-up-
Direct Push method
This is my approach, very self-explanatory.
There are carts.
The men walked in front and pulled the trolley around.
A variant of this version is walkingbeside method.
This method is annoying because it takes up the whole aisle and seems like most people are using it because they don\'t get a cool cart so it\'s still a pain.
The last method is the most fascinating.
I don\'t have a name, but we \'ve all seen it.
When the driver pushed the trolley, they almost lay in the trolley.
They put their chest and arms on the trolley and pushed them with their stomach.
I know some people are hard to get along. . .
But I was wondering how these people got into the store.
I got something when I passed through the store.
I moved into the frozen food area.
I\'m doing a supplementary run for Thanksgiving.
Completed a shopping trip two days ago, but there are always forgotten items and changes that need to be replenished for shopping.
This is not my last time of the season.
The end of the aisle is Turkey.
The winner of the shopping cart struggle stands in front of his convenient shopping cart with a turkey on each hand with a puzzled expression on his face.
He eats dog food at the bottom and a French bread and a variety of fresh vegetables at the top.
He looks confused. I had to smile.
The Big Lie of the cool car was exposed to him.
Unless you are buying two or three specific items that can be carried by hand or basket, these carts are of little use.
5 minutes after the shopping trip, he left the room.
The bottom is full and if he puts the turkey on top he will crush the bread and vegetables.
I laughed when I realized he had two turkeys.
This store has a free Turkish coupon for $150.
This guy really thought he \'d get $150 in groceries plus two $20.
Smashing Turkey in a cool cart?
Unless he stuffed both turkeys with caviar.
The reality is tough. the dynamic little shopping cart looks small.
I have seen this big lie many times.
People are tempted by sports and novelty to grab the last cart. Ha! They win.
Let the other losers push the cart!
Then, the reality that you are shopping for a family of five is before you go far beyond the impulse shopping in front of the store. Sure. . . they look big. . .
But it\'s all part of a lie.
Not long ago I saw a woman with three children walking into the store with a new cart.
I have a hunch that it doesn\'t work.
Families with at least three children will not buy small food.
A few minutes later, I saw her transfer the purchase to a larger shopping cart.
I smiled at her.
She understands now.
Some people don\'t understand.
I used to see a couple and a kid using two new sports carts.
I have to think about it.
Do you really win if you use two new carts?
This question needs more thinking.
The new trolley is not completely useless.
Good choice for beer and wine.
I have used them when I am in a tight schedule.
Time is my best limiting factor in the grocery store.
If I had an appointment in 11 minutes, I would go out at the grocery store.
This has nothing to do with \"just need something.
If you are given a list of milk and eggs with bread written \"and unlimited time, I will spend three numbers and 90 minutes more than the new cart capacity before I leave the produce area.
I used the new cart. . .
But I\'m basically a purist.
I went straight to the old-
The style version of the big cargo hold, for any child I have now, is a very small place and a wheel that has to shake.
Where some people think \"outdated\" and \"boring\", I see reliability and tradition.
This is good enough for my parents and good enough for me.
Perhaps the most important feature of the standard shopping cart is that I have never fought with an old man.
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